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Injury to my Nose About a Yr Ago and It Left with a Purple Hard Lump on One Side of my Nose? (photo)

I was hit in the face leaving severe bruising. i know have a large blue purple hump on my nose, it it a little painful, and it is very noticable. what... READ MORE

Have a Lump in My Nose That Causes Me Discomfort?

Have lump inside nose ,have headaches ,my teeth get really sore and when i press on it inside my nose yellowish fluid like infection comes out .Do i... READ MORE

Can an Old Nasal Fracture Be Rebroken by Pressure? How Can I Fix This Lump?

About five years ago I suffered a non displaced nasal fracture in the lower third of the nasal bone. Last year I became almost obsessed with the... READ MORE

What is It? On the left and right side of the bone inside my nose, I have a lump?

There thin-ish white lines and they are stuck to the bone. On the left side I also have the same thing but its round, really worried about what it may... READ MORE

Developed a lump after breaking my nose at the bridge. What could it be?

After breaking my nose at the bridge. I develop a lump on it, but day to day after it changes. I can push it flat. So what would This be? And how... READ MORE

Cartilage is pushing out of a cut in my nose.

I have had nose surgery in the past to fix a broke nose I got about 4 years ago. 2-3 days ago it got cold fast and my nose started running, after that... READ MORE

I fell 5 weeks ago and broke my nose. I'm still having some difficulty breathing through it and pain. Is this normal?

I fell 5 weeks ago and broke my nose and fractured under my right eye. I'm still having some difficulty breathing through it. I am still having to use... READ MORE

Nostril Lump/Bump on Side of Nostril Flare

I have an area on one side of my nose that I think is thickened skin from allergies. It is a slightly raised area on my right nostril flare ( I think... READ MORE

Post Nose Surgery: Hard Lump Under the Skin of the Nose

I just had a surgery more than 20 days ago. I've had the side of my nostril reduced and corrected. ( only one side) My surgeon performed the... READ MORE

Lump in Right Nostril

I Have Got a Lump in my Right Nose and Growing Fast Am Scared I Need Help READ MORE

Broken Nose, Applied for Insurance a Couple of Days Ago, but Won't Be Covered for 10 Days. What to Do?

So I applied for insurance yesterday and no sooner does my son end up kneeing me in the face while I'm tickling him. Im no expert but I am all but... READ MORE

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