Hump + Nose Surgery

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Can I Get Rid of This Nasal Hump Without Surgery? And if Not, What Must Be Done to Have a Better Profile? (photo)

I'm "okay" with how my nose looks from the front; The only thing that seriously bothers me is the fact that I can notice my "little... READ MORE

Could my Crooked Nose Be Covered by Insurance? (photo)

I have a deviated septum. I had an accident about 10 years ago that probably caused it along with my crooked nose Q1) I was wondering if my nose would... READ MORE

Hit My Nose With a Metal Bar. Hump On Nasal Dorsum? (photo)

Hi, i hit my nose in the gym with a metal bar, it was almost perfectly, but now it has a hump on the nasal dorsum, i went to a E.N.T doctor, he told... READ MORE

Amount of Work Involved to Repair Nose?

Hello, I am considering having my nose fixed. It was initially broken playing baseball as a child, and I can feel the hump and its "cracked"... READ MORE

Can Putting Pressure on the Hump on My Nose Make it Go Away?

I have a tall, narrow nose but got a hump which i really hate..get teased about it. i'm too terrified of surgery,get nghtmares jst thnkng of... READ MORE

Reshaping Nosebridge and Tip? (photo)

Hello, I'm a girl, and I have always been conscious about my nose. I think the tip of my nose is too round, and there's a little hump on my bridge. On... READ MORE

I apply a lot of pressure to my nose hump. Is there a permanent solution other than rhinoplasty?

Im 14 and I have a really bad habbit of pressing down on my nose hump with excessive force. The area where the hump is turns red but the bump has gone... READ MORE

Could I Get a Dorsal HumpFrom Pressing On My Nose?

One day i started to stare at my nose and i realised it looked different then how i usually saw it anyways i started to touch my nose only the bottom... READ MORE

Nose Job For Hump Removal. Still There 8 Months Post? (photo)

I had this hump on my nose that I hated so much so in Jul 2011 I had a closed rhinoplasty just to have the hump removed.8months later the hump was... READ MORE

Broken nose without noticing? (Photo)

When I was a kid I once hit the front of my nose really hard. It was bleeding quite a long time and did hurt like hell. Now as a grown up I do have a... READ MORE

Do I have trauma nasal? (photos)

So a couple years ago I fell when I was sleeping the bed was high my nose started bleeding ever since that day my nose bleed a lot I always get hit by... READ MORE

Concerns over Nose Job and Use of Accutane

I had an open nose surgery a little three weeks ago here in Denmark. I would ask my surgeon, but the clinic is closed for the next 3 weeks. Before... READ MORE

I Received an Email from Surgeon- Can I Ever Look Normal Again After Rib Grafts and Spreaders. Who is the Best Surgeon for This?

I have to get grafts and spreaders along bridge in my nose.Used from Rib. I have a v deformity. Twisted columella. One small & 1 huge nostril.... READ MORE

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