Congestion + Nose Surgery

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Trauma to the Nose Affects Cartilage and Make It Look Big?

When I was 12 I took a hard blow to the left side of my nose. I know that's where I got the hump and the reason why my nose is sorta crooked, I'm... READ MORE

Can a Fairly Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Extreme Dryness and Congestion?

Hello, I'm trying to find out if a pretty severe nasal valve collapse can cause extreme dryness and congestion on the collapsed side. You can... READ MORE

Doctor pushed hard on my nose and made a gap. Do I Need Another Surgery?

I had a nose surgery in 2002 as i had an accident and it broke. the doctor pushed too hard on the left side of the nose which created like a small gap... READ MORE

Breathing trouble: could I have a deviated septum? (photo)

I've always had trouble breathing through my nose- when I run I have to breathe through my mouth, and when I have a cold my left nostril seems more... READ MORE

Congestion after Submucous Resection SMR Surgery for a mild deviated septum

I had Submucous Resection SMR Surgery for my mild deviated septum 5 days ago but I am really congested. I wake up in the middle of the night out of... READ MORE

Nasal Congestion Made Worse by Kenalog Injection? Has Anyone Had This As a Side Effect?

I have had nasal congestion for over 20 years. I have had nasal surgery for enlarged turbinites, scar tissue removed, and tonsils taken out. I do not... READ MORE

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