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How Long Does a Broken Nose Take to Heal?

Assuming the fracture is straight and minor, and doesn't need to be reset, how long does it take a broken nose to heal? READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Fix Broken Nose and Deviated Septum?

The cartilage at the tip of my nose is broken off from the rest of the bridge of my nose. I have a deviated septum. My intake of air has been... READ MORE

Surgery Needed for Broken Nose and Slight Deviated Septum?

I broke my nose 5 days ago from an accident at home. I went to see a plastic surgeon today in NYC, found an MD on the net. I was told that I have a... READ MORE

How Can You Tell if You Have a Broken Nose That Needs Repair?

About a week ago I was flushing my sinuses with a neti pot like Ive done every single morning for the past year & this morning I accidently slid... READ MORE

Broken Nose Surgery

I've broken my nose repeatedly.  How many times can you break your nose and still get it fixed? READ MORE

Is Bump After Broken Nose from Swelling or Permanent? (photo)

I broke my nose about a week and a half ago, just a small nasal fracture, and there's this little bump that never used to be there. The bruises are... READ MORE

Can Broken Nose Get Back to Its Prior Shape Without Surgical Intervention?

I broke my nose 2 weeks ago. The x-rays showed that I slighlty broke it. The ENT told me there is no deviation, and that it should heal for itself,... READ MORE

Can a Broken Nose Be Fixed Five Years After the Incident?

I've broken my nose in 8th grade and I am now going to be an incoming senior in high school. I have a problem breathing in my right nostril. Is there... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Reset a Year After Being Broken? (photo)

I hit my nose very hard about a year ago, and it hurt VERY much for about ten minutes. And then, the pain stopped. Ever since, my nose has been... READ MORE

Does a Nose Go Back to Normal After Breaking?

I recently broke my nose and had it put back into shape by the hospital two weeks after the incident. Although my nose has been put back into place by... READ MORE

Should I See an ENT Doctor For A Broken Nose? And Can I Without a Referral from a Family Doctor?

My nose recently changed shape (huge dorsal hump) in grade 9 after playing tons of sports and being hit in the face with volleyballs (spiked) and... READ MORE

Should I Let my Son Play Basketball with a Broken Nose?

My son broke is nose today and x-rays show the interior bone is deviated. He has a basketball game tomorrow and wants to play. Should I let him play? READ MORE

I Just Broke my Nose About 3 Days Ago. What is the Time Table to Have It Reset?

With the break being so fresh they wouldn't have to re break the nose would they? Would my injury require a reset to the broken nose? READ MORE

Nose is Slightly Cooked from Minor Fracture - Can It Be Fixed?

Occurred a year ago. I had a very slight black eye and didn't notice the fracture at the time. Since then I've had x rays that came back... READ MORE

Closed Nose Reduction when Cosmetic Change is Minimal?

Is it ok to do a closed reduction (one time) when comestic change in the broken nose (bone only) is minimal? It is a bit displaced( can't see, but... READ MORE

Nasal Scarring, Breathing Problems, Snoring; Is Nose Surgery the Answer?

When I was 12 I broke my nose and had surgery to repair it. I am now 48 and having trouble sleeping (my husband tells me I snore...a lot...and wonders... READ MORE

Can a Broken Nose Be Further Adjusted Within 10 Days After the Initial Reduction, Should the ENT Do This or a Different Doctor?

Daughter had a nose injury in a nose to head collision. Saw an ENT 12 hours later who said it was broken then numbed and scoped her nose. ENT... READ MORE

Getting my Nose Broken into Place 6 Years Later?

I broke my nose when I was 13. Quite badly, I had the initial resetting of my nose straight after, but once the swelling died down my nose was clearly... READ MORE

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