Alar + Nose Surgery

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Alarplasty Cost?

How much does alarplasty cost? Does it cost less than a rhinoplasty procedure? READ MORE

Nasal Wing Reduction: Is it Possible?

I wanted to know if it's possible to reduce the prominence of nasal wings/ala? (Please see pic for the specific nose part) I'm not talking... READ MORE

How Can a Retracted Columella and Hanging Alar Be Fixed?

I have what I think are called hanging ala and a retracted columella and I was wondering how/what procedures can be done to fix it? I don't know... READ MORE

Are Alar Batten Grafts Uncomfortable?

How invasive is the surgery for these grafts? What is the recovery time? How noticeable are they? Would I be aware of their presence? My plastic... READ MORE

Alar - Nosewings: Furrow/curve/line Reshaping or Correction?

White 'normal' bit too projected nose. Get a open tip/septum/hump corr. Also lateral view looks like alar furrow line is to diagonal(up) so a... READ MORE

Technique for Treating Hanging/Hooded Alae?

Hello, I have hanging alae and I wanted to know what exactly is done to fix this Is it easy to fix it? Does it leave a scar? Will it change the way... READ MORE

Can this be an alar pinching/ collapse? (Photo)

I had an open septorhinoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago to correct my deviated septum as well to make my nose straight. What I wanted was to be able to... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch the alarplasty incision site as it is in the recovery stage?

I was told I shouldn't laugh for a few weeks, but I honestly couldn't help it... I'm concerned tho because I think my laughing has caused the incision... READ MORE

Should I get a nose implant to raise the height of the bridge? (photo)

Along with alarplasty, a dorsal implant was suggested to me. Are these implants always synthetic? What's the longevity of such implants? Will the... READ MORE

Unnatural results after sill incisions?

I had an open rhinoplasty three months ago to deproject my tip. My surgeon also performed sill incisions to reduce alar flare. While I am happy with... READ MORE

Dissolvable alar cinch suture affecting my philtrum

It has been 4 weeks after my lefort 1 surgery, my surgeon perform Alar Cinch to prevent my nose to be widen, my philtrum area protruding a lot make it... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Scars from Alar Reduction on Nose to Last?

I went for an alar reduction on my nose abt two months before. I was told scarring is to be expected along the boundaries of my nose and face. It has... READ MORE

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