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Why Do I Always Feel a Heavy Pressure at my Nose Bridge?

Most of the days I would always have this heavy pressure on my nose bridge. The strong pressure is where my nose bump is. I had this nose bump 16-17... READ MORE

I Am 18 Years of Age and I Have a Sort of a Big Nose. Will Get Bigger?

My Dad has a big nose and I am afraid mine will reach that big, but the good thing is my mom has a really small nose. My nose is the same shape has my... READ MORE

Does the Nose Continue to Produce Oil and Grow After Age 20?

Hi I have thick skin on my nose , i see black dots on my nose , so I think I have oily skin , my nose and nose tip is large , I want to know does my... READ MORE

I Broke my Nose About a Month Ago, Will OHIP Cover the Surgery Needed to Fix It?

Hi, I am 19 years old, male and live in Ontario, Canada. About a month ago, I broke my nose playing baseball. My nose is now crooked and is causing... READ MORE

A Wide Hole in the Nasal Septum?

Hello there, I am a 22 years old male. I had this problem since I was little. I've consulted with the best plastic surgeons here in Riyadh, Saudi... READ MORE

Is Alarplasty Alone the Answer to my Nose? (photo)

I'm a 19 year old male asian. My questions are. How much is alarplasty worth and if It depends on the doctor, will the price range affect how the... READ MORE

Large Bridge from Childhood Injury. What Should I Do About my Nose?

When I was 2, I had broken my nose due to an accident when I was at a fair. Or so I am told. Anyway, year after year I watched the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

Dorsum and Columella Built from Costal Cartilage: Can't Breath, What Should I do?

I am now 56. I have relived the following story in my mind thousands of times. When I was 20, I went to an ENT about getting a deviated septum... READ MORE

Surgery on Nose/nostrils? Make Nose Appear Slimmer? - 19 Years Old (photo)

I would like to have something done on my nostrils. I find they are big, flare & make my nose appear odd. + my right nostril is slightly... READ MORE

Why is my Nose Getting a Hump/bone at Age of 18?

I always had a perfect straight nose till i woke up one morning and saw a really ugly hump on my nose. I don't remember hitting on something or... READ MORE

When I Was 3-4 Years Old I Have Broken my Nose Now I Am 20 Years Old and I Want to Make the Operation?

But i don't know what operation doing :an open or close rhinoplasty is bettr for me READ MORE

I'm Training in Boxing but I Have Nasal Deviation and Sinusitis and Doctor Recommends Me to Have a Surgery. What Should I Do?

Hello all. I am 22 years old Male from Mongolia. I can not breath by nose freely longer than 2 minutes but I can breathe through mouth with no... READ MORE

Can someone give me some advise on a treatment to repair the damage tissue on my nose as a result of acne? (photos)

My name is Anton I'm 21 and I'm from the Caribbean.I began suffering with acne at age 13, my acne was mild but it was severe on my nose and I am... READ MORE

Sunken Sides of Nose Using Medpor Implant? (photo)

About 6 months ago I had a "I" shaped medpor implant inserted in my nose. I'm an asian female, 20 year old. After 6 months, the sides of my nose look... READ MORE

Can picking nose cause permanent damage to nose shape?

I am 24 year old who used to pick her nose up to 19 years of age. This has caused my left nostril to become flared. The right side is sharp, the way... READ MORE

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