Accident + Nose Surgery

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Nose Blow Left a Dent on the Right Side of Nose

3 weeks ago, I received a blow to the right (left to you) side of my nose. Upon touch,I could hear some crackling, which is gone now. No bleeding but... READ MORE

Reattaching Lower Lateral Cartilage to the Nasal Spine?

After a case of trauma, the left side of my lower lateral cartilage became deviated from my nasal spine (when I push up and in on it I can hear it... READ MORE

Alarplasty on the Left Side of Nose Only?

Hello, I having an accident from last year september. In the accident, my nose left nostril area is dropping down. On the alar groove, have a scar and... READ MORE

Is my Uneven Nostril After Accident Fixable?

I suffered an accident just over a year ago that left my right nostril scarred. After a couple months I started to notice a bit of indentation and it... READ MORE

Large Bridge from Childhood Injury. What Should I Do About my Nose?

When I was 2, I had broken my nose due to an accident when I was at a fair. Or so I am told. Anyway, year after year I watched the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

Fractured Nose After Roller Blading Accident

I was roller skating with my son, and had a severe collision with him. X-rays done and given pain medicine and antibiotics. Doctor at the hospital... READ MORE

How can I fix my indented nose? (Photo)

I recently was elbowed on the nose while playing basketball, went to an urgent care they said it wasn't broken or fractured. Is this an easy fix? It... READ MORE

I Hurt my Nose when I Was 3 Years Old and Now It's Hurts. Did I Break It?

When i was 3 I hurt my nose. as i grew up it's been hurting more and more. I can also crack my nose and my husband said that it's not suppose... READ MORE

Bike Accident, Hit Nose, Slanted Nose, Coughing and Breathing Problems In Sleep?

6 months before i fell down from my bicycle and i had hit my nose with my cycle's handle. from the past 3 months i am having severe cough and cold.... READ MORE

Why is my daughter still getting nose bleeds a year and a half after trauma? (photo)

My daughter and I got into a car wreck a year and a half ago. Her seatbelt malfunctik ed and she hit the seat in front of her. It split her nose... READ MORE

Is my nose permanently deformed or just still swollen?

About two weeks ago a took a nasty spill and landed straight on my nose. The next few days I was very swollen and tender, but not in too much pain.... READ MORE

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