Uneven Nostrils + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non-surgical Non-invasive Rhinoplasty by Injecting Filler to Even Nostrils

Nostrils are uneven. i don't care about perfection, only want improvement. i don't want open surgery. can doctors insert "something" into the void... READ MORE

Is There Any Non Surgical and Inexpensive Way to Fix my Nostrils? (photo)

As I will be attending college this upcoming fall, I am becoming more and more self-conscious of my uneven nostrils. I was bitten as a toddler... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Nostrils Symmetric Without Surgery, Because I Don't Have That Kind of Money? (photo)

I've had rhinoplasty when I was 16 because it was broken. I couldn't breathe adequately and it also had a bump making it look unattractive. The result... READ MORE

I Have Noticed That One Nostril is Different Than the Other; is It Possible to Correct Without Surgery? (photo)

I've been worried about this for sometime and I also have overlapping front teeth. I'm concerned that it may be affecting my appearance, as one side... READ MORE

can you lift up a nostril rim with injections?

Ok, so I'm planing on getting the non surgical rhinoplasty (revision), my right nostril is a big higher than the left and in pictures it makes my nose... READ MORE

Can I fix my asymmetric nostrils with non-surgical rhinoplasty?

I had a primary rhinoplasty done in August to remove a hump. Although my doctor did a great job and Made me confident about my profile, I noticed that... READ MORE

Is there a nonsurgical, and cheap or free way to fix a crooked nose? (Photo)

As far as I can remember, I was born with a crooked nose. It slants way to the right of my face. Also, my right nostril is a lot smaller than the left... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical way to fix uneven nostrils due to dog bite? (Photo)

I was about 6 or 7 years old when i was bit by a dog in the nose. It resulted in some of my cartilage being bitten off, leading to uneven nostrils. I... READ MORE

I believe I have a deviated septum up at the tip. Do I need surgery for my asymmetrical nose? (photos)

Clearly my nostrils are not the same size. Breathing problems/sleep apnea run in my family so this might be inherited. Aesthetically I would like to... READ MORE

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