Pointy + Non Surgical Nose Job

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How Can I Get My Nose Fixed to Make it Pointy? (photo)

I Want my Nose to Be Pointed, Check my Nose on the Photos That I Attached..people Often Laugh at Me Saying Ive Got a Button Nose. READ MORE

Warned Against Rhinoplasty Revision, but Can I Get Injectable Fillers?

I had a nose job years ago..I was awake because he did not need to do the brige..He pulled out some bone so my nose would not point out when I smiled... READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of my Pointed Nose Shape Without Post Injection Nodules?

Is there anything FDA approved for this part of the body? No rhinoplasty desired. READ MORE

I want a permanently pointed nose. What are my options? Is it true that it can be improved by massaging it?

Hello o can i have a pointed nose w/o surgical and i want permanent then is it true if u massaging your nose using by your hands is t there improvements ? READ MORE

My nasal tip droops when I smile and becomes pointy. Will a non surgical nose job help me? (photos)

My nasal tip droops when I smile and becomes pointy. I like my nose when I'm not smiling, but in pictures and when I smile the tip gets pulled down... READ MORE

The Outcomes of Radiesse Nose Job and It's Limits? (Multiple Questions)

I'm a 14 female, and I'm planning to get a non-surgical nose job with radiesse. Can I do non-surgical fillers on the tip of my nose to make it... READ MORE

How can you make your nose pointy and lift a droopy nose? I do not have enough money for rhinoplasty or fillers.

I have not enough money for rhinoplasty and fillers and after 1 week there is my wedding .is there anything like foam stick to insert inside nose... READ MORE

My nose tip seems pointy and the bridge is slightly narrow. Could a non-surgical nose job help to achieve a softer look? (photo)

I feel like my nose is seriously throwing off my whole face. As a female, I can only describe it as very unfeminine. However, I can't exactly pinpoint... READ MORE

Can I fix my nose non-surgically? (photos)

Hello, I'm unsatisfied with my nose and I'd really like to do something about it. I have a deviated septum, so that might be why my nose is crooked,... READ MORE

How do I get a natural looking slimmer/pointier nose w/o surgery? (I broke my nose once)

I fractured my nose last September and it is all healed. But a bone partially sticks out of the left side of my nose. I would like to know how to get... READ MORE

I feel as though my nose is too big and long for my face? (Photo)

My nose is too pointy for me. I know it's just an aesthetic thing, but it's causing anxiety. I've never really noticed until last year, when I would... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I would really like to have my bridge raised and the tip of my nose pointier. I have consulted with my plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty, however, he... READ MORE

Do Products Like Nose Magic, or Face Shaping Really Work?

I am 15 years old girl, and I am so unhappy with my nose. I wasn't ever picked up on my nose or such things, but I just cannot stand my nose, either... READ MORE

Can Non surgical rhinoplasty create a pointier nose for me? (Photo)

My nose is small and bridge is high. i need want to be be pointier for aesthetic reasons. READ MORE

Can I achieve this look without surgery? (Photo)

Hello on the left in my nose now and on the right I have edited the photo of the desired look I want maybe even slightly pointier what surgery would I... READ MORE

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