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What Procedure Will Change the Size and Shape of my Nipples with Minimal Scars? (photo)

I am 24years old, 115lbs, 5'7", I have had 3 children and recently gotten a breast aumentation. I have silicone implants above the muscle. I... READ MORE

Have I Had Bad Areola Reduction Surgery? Scars Wide and Red? How Bad Are my Wonky Breasts? (photo)

I had areola reduction surgery & inverted nipple correction 5 months ago. this has highlighted the uneven volume and different shapes of my... READ MORE

Nipple Reduction -- is There Scarring?

Could anyone describe the process of nipple reduction (the area surrounding nipple)? Is there scarring? How is the old nipple area made smaller and... READ MORE

I Am 22 Years Old and Am Trying to Decide if I Should Have Surgery for Low Nipple Placement? (photo)

I would just like to know what is the best way to go for this. I would really like to avoid scarring as much as I can. READ MORE

Is It Possible to JUST Lift my Nipple to Match the Other Breast? (photo)

I know I probably need a full lift on the saggy breast but I just want them to look less asymmetrical and do not want a lollipop or anchor scar. Can I... READ MORE

Dark Scar After I Removed the the Third and Fourth Nipple?

I had 2 extra nipples under the oreginal once and i got them removed by surgery now after 4 months the scar looks dark and I use kelo-cote for scars... READ MORE

Doctor for Areola Reduction Surgery? (photo)

In 2008 I got 450cc high profile silicone implants placed over the muscle in order to try to fix my tuberous breasts. I am unhappy with the size and... READ MORE

Will I need another complete Areola Reduction and scar revision? (photos)

I don't really know where to go from here, advice appreciated!  I underwent a breast reduction approximately 5 years ago. I was generally... READ MORE

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