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How Are Nipples Repositioned?

I had a Breast Lift with Breast Implants 3 months ago, 6/29. My surgeon mentioned revising my nipples by repositioning them more towards the center of... READ MORE

Nipple Revision After Breast Lift and Augmentation

I had my surgery on 3/11/10 a lift with augmentation. since then my left seems to be larger than my right and my nipple placement is off which it was... READ MORE

Single Areola Reduction That Stretched out

I had slight breast asymmetry, however this was most notable due to one areola (the right)being significantly larger than the other. I had an areola... READ MORE

How Soon After Unsuccessful Nipple Inversion Surgery Can I Get a 2nd One Done? (photo)

I recently had corrective surgery for my inverted nipple (I think grade 3). After 2 weeks, it seems to be reinverting. How long do I have to wait... READ MORE

One of my Free Nipple Grafts Partially Failed- How Can I Correct This?

One of my free nipple grafts partially failed so that only about half the areola took and no nipple. What are my options to correct this? READ MORE

Male Breast Reduction - Any Way to Correct a Cross Stitch on Nipple? (photo)

9 months ago I had my gyno removed. I understand that when the doctor removes the tissue it is normally done through an incision under the areola. My... READ MORE

How Should the Cut Be Done (Middle of the Nipple or Around) for Inverted Nipples Revision Surgery?

I had surgery for inverted nipples(1st degree). Cut was made in the middle of the nipple. Now it is 4 months from surgery and nipples are still... READ MORE

Can Nipples Be Corrected So They Will Protrude? (photo)

After having a breast reduction/lift, a year ago, I do not have nipple protrusion on my right breast and very little on my left breast. I have... READ MORE

Can I Get a Better Result if I Have my Nipple Reconstruction Revised?

I had bilateral nipple reconstruction in July 2012. The right nipple shrank to almost nothing and the left is pointing down somewhat. I would like a... READ MORE

Do I Need Another Nipple Surgery? (photo)

I cant tell that they're swollen much. It looks like I'll still have bigger nipples than most women. Will my nipples significantly change in size? Or... READ MORE

Will Nipple Revision Reduce Cup Size?

I went to my ps on monday and i need skin revision to even my nipple placement. i am worried this will reduce the Full C cup augmention i had done. if... READ MORE

Which Nipple Should I Revise?

It has been 6 weeks since my lift. I realize that I am still healing, but it looks like my nipples are not going to be even. I plan to wait until at... READ MORE

How soon after my Areola Reduction can I have a revision--what are my options?

I have small breasts (a 32b) but large areolas. I had an areola reduction on January 12 and in just one month my areolas have stretched back to their... READ MORE

Spitting stitches after areola revision and doctor cut and removed part of the permanent periareolar pursestring stitches.

Areolas revised in Texas. Trouble healing in a few spots. I live in California, saw a local PS to help remove the dissolvable stitching in the trouble... READ MORE

Doctor for Areola Reduction Surgery? (photo)

In 2008 I got 450cc high profile silicone implants placed over the muscle in order to try to fix my tuberous breasts. I am unhappy with the size and... READ MORE

Nipple reconstruction - third time?

Hi, I had an areola reduction 3 weeks ago, and the result of the left nipple, was much more oval and lager than the other. A year ago i had another... READ MORE

I Lost Feelings in my Nipple 100% After Nipple Inversion Surgery? My Doctor Said That It'll Be Back.

I did my nipple inversion surgery twice as it did not work the first time. I had grade 3 inversion. The first surgery was about 3 month ago and the... READ MORE

What revision surgery can be done after the total loss of the nipple/areola complex? (photos)

I had breast reduction surgery on Jan. 8, 2015. Within days, I noticed the left nipple was turning very dark. Eventually, the whole nipple/areola... READ MORE

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