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Too Tight Neck Lift - Permanent? Revision?

I am interested in a neck lift but hear and read many people complaining after the surgery that they feel "strangled" and "extremely... READ MORE

Doctor Ruined my Neck and Jaw Line What Happened? (photo)

I had a neck lift a little over 6 weeks ago at age 50 and it keeps getting worse on right side and in center and chin. At 3 weeks I had 3 lines in the... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Correct if the Skin on my Neck is Way Too Tight After Neck Lift? Any Options? (photo)

I had a neck and lower face lift 10 weeks ago. I love how my face has turned out, but my neck is completely freaking me out. It seems like every day... READ MORE

Can an over Tight Platysmal Transection Be Released?

I had a platysma transection done five years ago, which I never asked for, and have lived with extreme tightness and choking sensations around the... READ MORE

Tightness and Numbness in Neck 6 Months After Lift , Is this Normal?

I had a lower face and necklift 6 months ago. I have this unbearable tightness, numbness and full feeling in my neck under my chin and around my jaw... READ MORE

Is It Acceptable For My Ear To Look Odd and Uncomfortably Attached After Facelift or Should It Be Revised? (photo)

I had a facelift with necklift just over 4 months ago. The necklift was done chokingly tight and I swelled a lot. My right ear appears to be set at a... READ MORE

Seroma or Tissue? (photo)

I am 9 days PO and it feels like I have a seroma under my chin. It feels like fluid not tissue. my doctor said it was not but didn't even feel it..... READ MORE

Will the Lumps Bumps and Tightness Go Away?

I'm one month out from a facelift w/ neck lift. I see a small improvement in my chin (from before surgery) but not back closer to my neck. It... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant, Neck and Facelift 3 Months Ago. Have Uncomfortable Tightness Under my Chin and to my Ears, Will It Improve

I feel like I want to constantly support under my ears with my hands. I also am continually uncomfortable and feel I should not bend my head down or... READ MORE

Should I Have a Second Neck Tuck? It Has Been Four Years and Starting to Sag. (photo)

It has been 4 years since surgery and though I still look good my neck is wrinkling again. PS agrees and recommends a tuck, free of charge. However I... READ MORE

Quite extreme choking feeling after neck lift: exercises, or even surgical intervention?

Choking from tightness across neck after posterior platysmaplasty and lipo. I am six weeks post. I want to say that this is not a minor feeling, but... READ MORE

The best way to avoid the "noose-like" sensation following a platysmaplasty?

Hi! How to avoid that "chin strap" feeling after SMAS lift with Submental Platysmaplasty? Is it better to minimally tighten laterally and then... READ MORE

Tightness in throat area after face and neck lift. Can I be helped?

I had a face and neck lift 9yrs ago.About nine months after surgery I developed a tightness in my throat area like I am being choked.It is getting... READ MORE

Corset Platysmaplasty; will I be able to endure the tightness under the chin?

I am having a SMAS lift and a Corset Platysmaplasty. My question is.... will I be able to endure the tightness under the chin....this is what worries... READ MORE

Problem with neck lift sutures?

I am 16.5 months post necklift and have constant tightness, choking and burning from where the suture is anchored behind my ears, all across my neck.... READ MORE

Is numbness and tightness typical after after a lower face and neck lift? How long will this last?

I underwent neck lift surgery and a lower facelift 10 days ago. No feeling has returned to my neck above the Adam's Apple to below the jaw line. Lower... READ MORE

What interventions can help with tightness 5 months after neck and lower face lift?

I have excessive tightness in my neck, jaw, cheeks and around my ears 5 months post-op. My PS says he has never had a patient who exhibited these... READ MORE

I just wanted a neck lift. I researched doc & found one I like. My face is too tight and stretched. Can it be reversed? (Photo)

I got what was supposed to be just a neck lift but instead he did all of my face and now I look scary... I'm only 40 and didn't want my face touched..... READ MORE

62, female 9 weeks post neck, face and endoscopic brow lift. Look natural-intolerable tightness/pain in temples & cheeks (Photo)

Terrible tightness in both temples & down left cheek. Sometimes pulling,nerve pain in left scalp, temple & above left brow. Also have a... READ MORE

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