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Does Neck Lift Help Improve the Jawline?

I`m wondering whether a neck lift improves the look of the far edges of the jawline? Is there any procedure that lifts to the jawline or does that... READ MORE

How Can I Get the Area Under my Chin and Neck Tighter? (photo)

I am 33 years old and I would like the area under my chin to be tighter and a more defined jaw line. The bottom part of my face seems too pudgy and... READ MORE

Will a Trampoline Necklift Improve my Jawline? Other Options?

I was advised to do a trampoline necklift with a liposuction by one surgeon and a lower face lift by another. I don't like my profile, sometimes... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Neckline? (photo)

I know I don't have a horrible neckline issue considering that I like my jawline face forward just fine, but I would like my profile to more defined... READ MORE

What Type of Procedure Would Improve my Jaw Line and Neck?

I am 36. Following two pregnancies with swelling and weight gain, my chin line is almost gone and my neck seems very thick. My profile looks like I... READ MORE

Neck Liposuction Best for Defining Jaw Line (If I Don't Want Chin Implant)? (photo)

I'm younger and don't have a lot of fat under my chin, but feel like if I had liposuction under the chin area it would define my jaw line a little... READ MORE

Better Chin Definition (Neck Suspension Lift, Chin Implant, Fillers, Neck Liposuction)? (photo)

Hi, I posted a question earlier -- what are my options to get better definition of my chin/jawline. The two responses only suggested neck lipo which I... READ MORE

Neck Tightening for a Young Person? (photo)

I have a very weak jawline and I don't know how to correct it. I've had a chin implant placed in about 3 months ago but I didn't see much of a... READ MORE

I am considering a neck lift. Can you tell me what procedures you think I need for optimal results? (Photo)

What bothers me the most is my jawline and my neck. What procedures would you recommend for me based on my photos. I'd like to get this done in the... READ MORE

Finally at my Goal Weight, Lost About 100 Lb What to Do About Neck? (photo)

Hey guys I am in southern cali, wondering what type of surgery would be best and cheapest for my jawline, I'm sick of having a beard. I am 6'3" and... READ MORE

Which would you recommend for my chin/neck area; Neck lift, lipo, chin implant or something else? (photos)

I'm a 27 y.o female who is unhappy with my chin / neck area. I hate my profile and the angle of my neck. I would like a more defined jaw line, and... READ MORE

Is neck tightening possible with a smallish space between chin and neck? (Photo)

I'm aware my jawline is moving south (I'm 46), but it also feels like its filling out towards my chin, which could be weight gain (normally 130, now... READ MORE

Is a neck lift my best option right now? I'm 45 and while the rest of me is aging well, my neck is not. (Photo)

I wondered if it was smart to get a neck lift at my age. Do I look like a good candidate? How much improvement can I expect for my jawline? Is it the... READ MORE

Can you help me with revision in Beverly Hills? (Photo)

About a year ago in Europe I had a neck lift with Platysma tightening, endoscopic endotine cheek lift and a lower face lift. Please see current photos... READ MORE

What's The Best Way to Eliminate the Jowls That I'm Beginning to Form? (photo)

I'm 44 and am entering a very youth-oriented field (software engineering). I used to have a very straight jawline, but in the last couple years have... READ MORE

I am 45 years old. ​Would it be best to do Liposuction and Laser Tightening or Neck Lift? (photo)

I would like to do something about my jaw line and neck. I am afraid if I have lipo done and the laser doesn't work I will have excess skin. READ MORE

I had platysmaplasty, a year ago. I'm unhappy with the results, and can't see an improvement. How can I improve things? (Photo)

Below are some images of my profile and angles, showing my chin and neck contour. I have had platysmaplasty, a year ago. The cut was made under my... READ MORE

I'm 25 year old male. Would I benefit more from platysmaplasty or neck lipo? (photos)

Trying to figure out what route I should go to get a sharper jawline, or if its even possible to achieve the desired result. I'm not overweight (5'9... READ MORE

Fixing premature signs of aging due to genetics and weight fluctuation (and possibly due to being a runner/cyclist). (photo)

Can you tell me what my options are to fix the fat in the neck/jawline? Also on one side of my face there is more fat in the cheek causing asymmetry... READ MORE

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