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Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Specializing in Neck Lift or Lower Facelift?

I've had "Smart Lipo" (non-suction) which did nothing at all to resolve my problem which is a "weak chin" and skin/tissue under my... READ MORE

Age 22, Slender Build, Inherited Double Chin. Candidate for Lunchtime Neck Lift?

I'm 22yrs of age & a slender build. I've inherited my mothers/grandmothers doublechin. I've seen a plastic surgeon who told me I had... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation in Boston Area for Neck Lift / Facelift

I have seen a few doctors in the Boston area regarding neck lift and possible facelift. They are all board certified, but I would like reccomendations... READ MORE

Minnesota Neck Lift or Neck Lipo Recommendation?

I am a 45 yr old woman beginning to see a genetic tendency to the classic sagging neck. Would be very appreciative of a recommendation to a surgeon... READ MORE

Looking for a Dr in Jersey Who Has Experience in Doing the Scarless Platysmalplasty?

This is the info I found, sounds interesting since their is no cutting under the chin READ MORE

Looking for Toronto Surgeon Who Performs T-Z Plasty

I have some loose skin under my neck from weight loss. Traditional neck lifts are a little pricey (my budget is around $3000) whereas T-Z Plasty seems... READ MORE

Need Help With A Revision Neck Lift, Looking For LA Surgeon.

I had a face/necklift in August 2010. A month after it looked like too much fat removed and muscle was prominent. 6 months later surgeon did vy plasty... READ MORE

Good Neck Lift Doctors in Austin, Texas?

Anyone have a recommendation for a good neck lift in Austin Texas area? READ MORE

Traveling for a Face/Neck Lift and Full Recovery?

I live in central Canada but am willing to travel to the States for the procedure and recovery. Is this feasible? If so, how are pre-op consults done? READ MORE

Neck Lift in Houston

I have a lot of verticle wrinkles on my neck and loose skin due to weight loss and general skin laxity. I am interested in a neck lift and have read... READ MORE

I need a dr in southeast that has experience correcting cobra neck deformity (Photo)

Had neck lift a year ago and after much research I think I have cobra neck from too much lipo....should I go back to my board cert dr who did this for... READ MORE

Who should perform an Adams Apple reduction?

I am 34 old female (I think so !) . I am very self conscious about my look, because I have thin face and I have prominent Adams apple. I want to do... READ MORE

I want a platysmaplasty with fat removal and no external fat removal via liposuction. Any suggestions for a doctor?

I prefer someone who specializes in female neck and facelifts. I only want an incision beneath the chin. I don't need a neck lift. Just platysmaplasty... READ MORE

Looking for East Coast surgeon for neck lift revision who is also comfortable with fat transfer to neck.

Very poor result after lateral p-plasty and overdone lipo on neck. Consults tell me need revision w/ adequate skin redrape and removal, and fat... READ MORE

I am a 28 yo woman and hate my prominent Adams Apple. I am trying to locate a surgeon in Chicago or near that does it on women.

All I am finding is for transsexuals and there websites don't seem to say anything about women which makes me a little insecure...I know that's silly.... READ MORE

Looking for an ENT plastic surgeon who specializes in neck lift correction. Mine is causing me a great deal of pain.

Can anyone please recommend an ENT plastic surgeon who specializes in part in neck lift corrections? Mine is causing me a great deal of pain still... READ MORE

Any surgeon in the South Florida area that has experience in the Grecian Urn or Direct Neck lift procedure? (photo)

I'm looking for a surgeon in the Ft Lauderdale to Boca Raton area that has experience in the Grecian Urn or Direct Necklift procedure. I'm a lean 55... READ MORE

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