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Neck Lift Without Surgery - What Works?

I have developed a turkey neck look and can't stand how old it makes me look. Plenty of magazines suggest alternatives to getting neck lift... READ MORE

Treatment for Neck Bands when Botox and Neck Lift Aren't Options?

I am 39 and have decent skin tone and texture but hereditary Platysmal smoking at all and a positive history of sun exposure but no sun... READ MORE

Best Non Surgical Option for Turkey Neck?

I am only 39 and I'm starting to get turkey neck. What is the best procedure as I prefer not to have surgery after having several botched nose... READ MORE

Can a Topical Cream, with a Wrap Help with Turkey Neck? I Am 38 and Can't Afford Surgey.

My husband is coming home in December from a 2 year tour. He is in great shape and through hard work I have lost 65 pounds but I am 2 years older than... READ MORE

Can You Treat Minor Sagging Under Chin Without Sewing Platysma & Without Tight Feeling in Neck? (photo)

Hi, would you kindly inform me if there's a way to treat minor sagging under the chin without sewing the platysma together- & without causing... READ MORE

Any Help for Saggy Neck After Weight Loss Apart from Neck Lift with Combo Facelift? (photo)

I have consulted with a plastic surgeon who feels the only option at this time would be both facelift and neck lift. I am not completely against the... READ MORE

How Can I Get the Area Under my Chin and Neck Tighter? (photo)

I am 33 years old and I would like the area under my chin to be tighter and a more defined jaw line. The bottom part of my face seems too pudgy and... READ MORE

Ugly Skin Folds After Significant Weight Loss?

What alternative conservative treatment options should I consider before going for a neck lift to remove ugly skin folds after significant weight loss... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Getting Rid of Neck Fat to Create a More Pronounced Jaw Line?

I'm a 25 year old female actress in Los Angeles and I'd like to get rid of my "double chin" and lower cheek area to create a more... READ MORE

Loose Neck Skin, What Options do I Have other than a Full Neck Lift?

I dont need a facelift but I have a small amount of loose skin under my chin and 2 folds on my neck. I don't want or need a neck lift as its only... READ MORE

Tracheotomy Scars and Neck Lift?

What kind of procedures would be good for patients who want a tracheotomy scar removed and a neck lift? Is Botox an option? READ MORE

For Which Patients is Non-surgical Neck Lift Recommended?

Could a non-surgical neck lift be a long-lasting solution for diabetics with turkey neck? READ MORE

Necklift Vs Smartlipo, After Weight Loss with Loose Extra Skin 25 Year Old Man.

Well, I've lost a lot of weight with extreme diets and exercises when i was 17 years old and now i can see the bad part of it, equal, lax face... READ MORE

Which other procedures are available instead of neck lift? I have loose skin under chin (Photo)

I am 44. Had thermage twice but since that I have lost almost 60 pounds. I don't wear makeup and wear my hair up quite often. would prefer not to have... READ MORE

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