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Double Deep Horizontal Neck Lines? (photo)

For my horizontal neck lines, I have double lines per band on my neck. It's deep and I would like to make it less visible or have it minimize. When I... READ MORE

Im Only 25, but my Neck Seems to Have Loose Skin when I Turn Certain Ways, Should I Consider a Neck Lift? (photo)

Ive posted two pictures as examples. When I make certain facial expressions or turn my head it looks like i have really loose neck skin. Ive recently... READ MORE

Is 25 Really Too Young for a Neck Lift?

I'm 25 years old and have always had a weak profile. I had assumed a chin implant/ neck lipo would do the trick, but after meeting w/ a surgeon, I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Vertical Neck Band at the Age of 25? (photo)

I'm 25 years old, 5'1 weigh 90. I've been underwaight for more than 8 years. I recently notice a sagging skin and a big vertical cord start to appear... READ MORE

2 Months Post Neck Lift: Experiencing Hair Loss and Uneven Results

I'm a 31 yo male, and I had a neck lift (platysmaplasty + lipo) 2 months ago. However, about 85% of the affected area is still numb and the right... READ MORE

Do I Need a Neck Lift or Just Liposuction? (photo)

I'm 33 and recently lost a little weight. I had this issue before when I was thinner. I am currently scheduled for a consultation in April, but I was... READ MORE

Neck Lipo or Lift for Me? (photo)

I'm a 26 yr. old mom of 2. I'm 5'6 and have been under 130 lbs. my entire life... until late in my pregnancy with my second child. I currently weigh... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift and Or/chin Implant? (photo)

I am a 28 year old female with no definition between my chin and neck. I could probably lose about 25-30 pounds, but I have noticed this trait even... READ MORE

2 Months After Neck Lift - Swelling and Beard Loss

I'm a 31 yo male, and I had a neck lift (platysmaplasty + lipo) 2 months ago. However, about 80% of the affected area is still numb and the right... READ MORE

What is the Procedure and Recovery Time (Incision Healing) That Will Remove Excess Fat from the Neck? (photo)

I'm 26 years old and have always been a healthy weight (5'6, relatively fit, 130-140lbs) but ever since I was a teenager have excess fat under my neck... READ MORE

What needs to be done to banish this unflattering profile/neck line? (Photo)

I have a prominent turkey neck that is due to genetics. The photo I am including was taken when I was just 21, and only 115-120 lbs. I am in the... READ MORE

31 Year Old Male Neck Lipo or Neck Lift? (photo)

I am 31, want liposuction. I am not overweight, but my face is lol. I hate it, whenever I take a picture im fat looking. My question is, if I get... READ MORE

I'm a 30 year old male, 5'11 and 180 lbs. What can I do about my sagging neck skin which makes me look overweight? (photos)

Hello. Im a 30 year old male. Im 5ft 11, 82kg, have 22% bodyfat and I workout. My neck makes me look very overweight and im not impressed at all. It... READ MORE

From what I understand. A neck lift has better results than liposuction. Which one should I get done on my neck? (Photo)

I'm 31 years old. My face looks young. BUT my neck not so much! I've heard that liposuction leaves lumpiness and a neck lift is around the same amount... READ MORE

What to Do First and What Last for Best Results: Neck Lipo, Ulthera, Radiesse?

I am 31 and not a candidate for a lower facelift. I need just very little liposuction of the neck and jawls (2 years after a platysmaplasty and... READ MORE

I am a 30 years old female considering mini neck lift and chin implant? (photo)

I have done smart lipo but it didn't tighten my neck enough! I want to know should I just do chin implant? Or both READ MORE

Which would you recommend for my chin/neck area; Neck lift, lipo, chin implant or something else? (photos)

I'm a 27 y.o female who is unhappy with my chin / neck area. I hate my profile and the angle of my neck. I would like a more defined jaw line, and... READ MORE

Neck lift and chin implant? (photo)

I'm 32 years old and have had a saggy neck for a few years. Just wondering whether I need a neck lift, chin implant or both? Would lipo also be... READ MORE

I have horizontal neck lines. Is there anything I can do about them?

I have 2 deep horizontal neck lines that are genetic but they really bother me and have done since i was 21 in now 34 is there anything i can do about... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for some kind of neck surgery? If so, what kind?

I'm a 28 year old female, but feel my neck and jaw area lacks definition despite having always been fairly slim. Am I a good candidate for either... READ MORE

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