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How Long Should I Wait to Fly After a Mommy Makeover?

Will be getting a (bigger version of) Mommy Makeover in India. Live in UK. After flying IN to India, how long should I wait b4 I get the surgeries?... READ MORE

I Will Be Having my Mommy Makeover Done on March 12th Will I Be Able to Take a 4 Hour Car Trip After 17 Days?

I will be having a full tummy tuck, breast lift with aug, and lipo of the flanks. I really want to make it to my daughter's sport competition... READ MORE

Is a Mommy Make over with Butt Lift Recommended and Whats the Recovery Time?

I plan on getting a mommy makeover (TT, Breast Augmentation lipo of flanks and thighs and a Butt lift (fat transferred to buttocks)out of the country.... READ MORE

Flying to 3 Different Countries for Different Procedures?

Planning few PS procedures by different doctors in 3 different countries 2 weeks apart. is there anythign wrong with this senario? first going to DR... READ MORE

How Long Should I Stay at the Recovery Center?

Flying in from Hawaii to CA for BA-BL-TT. I'll be flying alone and will need to stay at a recovery center then check into a hotel as I might not be... READ MORE

Leaving Town for Mommy Makeover & Hernia Repair, is It a Bad Idea?

After being diagnosed with an umbilical/and super-umbilical hernia, I decided since I had to undergo surgery and recovery AGAIN(previous - myomectomy... READ MORE

Traveling Before a Major Surgery?

I'm 55 years old and beside high cholesterol (which I'm taking medication for it) and back pain, I am healthy. I have scheduled a breast reduction and... READ MORE

Question Regarding Traveling After Surgery?

I am having an abdominoplasty/panniculectomy and mastopexy/augmentation (150cc saline). I am having the surgery about 4 hours from my home and will... READ MORE

How come I cannot get a Mommy Makeover for at least 5000-6000 in the US. Dominican Republic I can get it without high pricing.

I ask this question because I would like to get my Mommy Makeover in the US, but Plastic Surgeons you have no mercy. I have to travel a broad in order... READ MORE

Traveling to Florida for Mommymakeover?

Hi i will be in Florida 14 days for a mommy makeover will i be able to do or go out and see things or light activities after my surgery? I have an... READ MORE

Would I be okay to travel 4 weeks after Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation with lift?

I have a trip planned to Germany and now I am freaking out that I might still in bad shape to be a tourist. Any insights? What are the major concerns? READ MORE

Will 3 weeks be enough recovery time after mini-tuck and possible breast augmentation to go on short trip to Mexico?

Is it realistic that I will be recovered enough to enjoy vacation? I am almost 42 years old, have a normal BMI and workout regularly, and have no... READ MORE

Will I be able to ride in a car two days after surgery?

I will be getting a mommy makeover in two months. Will I be able to ride in a car 2 days after surgery for three hours back home? Is it dangerous? READ MORE

I'm from Canada and having cosmetic surgery in the US? I'm concerned about any unexpected complications during surgery or after.

I am concerned about any unexpected complications during surgery or after surgery and what kind of medical insurance I should have. READ MORE

Is International travel for a vacation safe 8 weeks after a Mommy Makeover possible?

We have planned a trio to Europe for 10 days this fall. At that point I will be 8 weeks post op from my Mommy Makeover which is scheduled in 2 weeks... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Mexico: Is it safe to travel for a Mommy Makeover?

I'm considering traveling for my surgery. How long would you recommend staying? What would I do if there is a problem after surgery once I'm home? Do... READ MORE

Can I have a Mommey Makeover/Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift combination?

Willing to travel as far as MIami-I see it popular in DR but I dont want to go overseas - however I find DRs reluctant to do it in the states , why is... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks today from a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation and going to NYC or new years. Will I be fine?

I will be 5 weeks on my traveling day . will I be fine to do all I will like ? I also have a very bad cold and wont stop sneezing and coughing :( can... READ MORE

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