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How Can my Belly Button Be Made Smaller and More Attractive? And How Can my Breasts Be Made More Symmetric? (photo)

I had BA & TT 3 months ago. I hate my bb. I feel it's too large & the skin inside almost sticks out, not even a straight line in the center. I... READ MORE

Are These Dog Ears?? When Can This Be Fixed??

I had the mommy makeover done on April 6th 2011. I notice the puckering in the skin right away I told the doctor about my concerns but I was told this... READ MORE

3 Weeks PO TT & BL/BA - Can I Expect Significant Changes for the Better? (photo)

I am three weeks PO - I had a TT and BL/BA and am not happy with the overall result. I realize it is early in the game, however, my PS said he would... READ MORE

Can I Get a Second Surgery to Get a Better Lift? (photo)

2 months ago i had a mommy makeover,happy w/ the tummy tuck,but really frustated with my breasts i had very saggy breasts before from losing 70 pounds... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a mommy makeover revision? (Photo)

In 2012, I underwent a mommy makeover. However, I got pregnant a year later. My scar darkened, I have saggy skin, I have new stretch marks (that don't... READ MORE

What Common Mommy Makeover Procedures Offer Free Touch-ups?

Does any procedure with a free touch-up mean that it has a high risk of post-operative complication or a high failure rate? Should surgeons offer or not? READ MORE

A doctor that will do mommy makeover for less than 10,000? (Photo)

I have recent pics taken for a doctor that those mommy makeover, breast saline revision or replacements, inner thigh lift & can make a shape out of my... READ MORE

I Had a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Aug, About 4 Months Ago? (photo)

Do I need a revision and if so am I responsible to pay for this typically? I let the doctor know, I was unhappy and he kinda just acted like it was no... READ MORE

After MM and BA Cc Recommendation I Still Want Bigger. Who' Responsible for Cost?

I just had a MM March 9th and couldn't be happier. Love my PS and his office. My question is I had an BA exchange from old saline implants sized... READ MORE

If I Need a Revision Do I Need to Go Under Again? (photo)

I am 5 wks post TT& BA. I had a full w/ plication. I had a belly button ring scar that he did not remove as he thought it would sit flatter. He... READ MORE

Do You Have to Get a Revision?

I had a mommy makeover in mid November. I had 3 sections of necrosis and have been doing the wet to dry wound care. Two sections are almost completely... READ MORE

I Am a Nigerian Based in Italy with a Permanent Resident Permit. I Want to Do a Breast Lifting? (photo)

How much does it cost to do augmentation of breast, abdominaplasty, i did augmentation of breast 10 years ago before having my 2 kids . i'll like to... READ MORE

I'm 9wks and still have quite of bit of swelling or so I think. How can I tell if it's swelling or fat? Will I did a revision?

I still hve a lot of swelling or fat in my lowr abs. In the morning, my stomach is still not flat. My stomach seems to be protruding has time goes on.... READ MORE

I had a mommy makeover last year, included a tummy tuck, breast lift, a small implant, and liposuction. Any suggestions? (photo)

5 months after my mommy makeover I had a breast lift revision to tighten them more and a scar revision to make the scar lower also to have "dog ears."... READ MORE

When should a breast augmentation and tummy tuck revision be performed?

I had a mommy make-over in sept. 4 of last year. I would like to heve the TT fixed asap but not sure if the BA can be addressed at the same time... READ MORE

Do I need a tummy tuck revision or hernia repair? I had a full TT and breast lift 7 months ago. Late 30s and active. (Photo)

I was initially happy with the results. I thought it was swelling but now when I lean back or sit up, I feel a gap between my ab muscles. My tummy... READ MORE

Mommy makeover?

I got breast implants in 2000 and recently one emptied so I need to have them fixed. Since I'm getting that done I want to get a tummy tuck,... READ MORE

How soon can I have a revision after 3months post op?

I was left unhappy with my results a lateral displacement in my left breast with a lower crease in my right breast, my tummy tuck looks like I still... READ MORE

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