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What is the Best Procedure to Fix the Loose Skin Above my Navel and the Belly Button Appearance? (photo)

I had my son 6 years ago at the age of 22. My belly button never went back to normal and the skin ABOVE the navel is loose and saggy. Its not a great... READ MORE

Will a Donut Lift Work for Me? Do I Need A Full or Mini TT? (photo)

I want to get breast aug, lift & TT. I'm 37 and I've had 4 children/4 c-sections no keyloid-ing. Do you think the TT is worth the trade... READ MORE

Want to Get a Mommy Makeover, What Options are Best for me? (photo)

I am a mother to 3 kids and and ARMY wife. I am 5'6" and 155 lbs, and am actively trying to lose weight. I am looking to get a mommy make... READ MORE

C-section scar revision or mini tummy tuck? Looking forward to my Mommy makeover, BL poss augment, Revision/Mini TT (Photo)

I am 36, 5'4, 125lbs. I'm 13 months postpartum with my 2ndchild, both by c-section. I was told by my OB/GYN that I will need a revision. I had a fatty... READ MORE

500cc HP silicone implants too big for my 5'4 128 lb frame? Will I achieve cleavage? Should I get a mini TT or full? (Photo)

I like large breasts but do a lot of weight lifting & do not want them in the way under my arms. I will also be getting a lollipop lift. I'm leaning... READ MORE

Need These Done Asap?

In Illinois, need implant removal, new silicone implants, mini tummy tuck, skin under belly button only.. Have $8500 cash want done asap, is this... READ MORE

Looking for a mommy makeover. Implants, tummy tuck and fat transfer to my butt. (Photo)

I would like to get implants, do I need a lift? Do I have enough fat to transfer to my butt? Lastly, do I need a full or mini tummy tuck? Thank you!! READ MORE

What treatments would you recommend for me? Tummy tuck, mini, lipo? Plus breast advice? (Photo)

I had 3 kids in 4 years, I lost all the baby weight, but I still look pregnant! That is probably my biggest concern. There is not a lot of loose skin... READ MORE

Upper abdominal swelling after full muscle repair, umbilical hernia repair, mini TT. Breast implant swap to larger (Photo)

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I had a mini tummy tuck. My umbilical hernia was repaired at the same time and I had full muscle repair. I am very thin normally.... READ MORE

Mommy makeover and BBL at the same time? (Photo)

Can I get them all done at the same time? I would like to add volume and shape to my butt and I really want a mommy make over. I was wondering if I... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Breast augmentation & breast lift? Tummy tuck mini or full? (photos)

I'm 22 a mother of two kids. I'm going to get a BA but not sure if I will need a lift as well. Financially I can afford my BA right now. Is it... READ MORE

Is after care at a recovery center an absolute necessity?

I found my PS& all scheduled for a BL w/aug. Anchor/silic. a mini TT w/muscle repair to U/L abs.gave option to stay at a recov center for 1-2 days,... READ MORE

I'm wondering what the logic may have been behind not doing any muscle repair during my mini-tummy tuck? (Photo)

I'm 5'9" 160lbs, with 3 kids, age 35. I had breast augmentation and a mini-tummy tuck 3 weeks ago. My surgeon did not do any muscle repair or lipo,... READ MORE

General Anesthesia length for safety?

I am getting a mini tummy tuck and breast revision done at the end of the year. What is the safest route, going under General anesthesia one longer... READ MORE

I had a mini tuck with lipo and saline implants on Dec 5th. One week after, I broke out in hives all over my body.

I've been off antibiotics, Valium, and pain pills for 7 days now. Benadryl and zirtec arnt really helping. A hot shower makes it's worse. It's not... READ MORE

Looking for a price range of a mini-tummy tuck and boob job with gummy bear implants. I just want a ballpark.

I live in Santa Rosa, CA but am considering traveling to SLC, UT where my family lives for the surgery if there is a major price difference. I hear CA... READ MORE

What is a Mini Mommy Makeover?

How is it different from a regular mommy makeover? READ MORE

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