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Combining Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift with Implants, and Thigh Lift

I am a very healthy 27 year old mother of 3. Finally done having babies and am begining to plan my mommy makeover. I am currently a few weeks out from... READ MORE

How Many Mothers of Multiples Opt for Mommy Makeovers?

Is it pretty unrealistic to assume that even with diet and exercise that a mother of triplets will ever loose the stretched out and sagging skin on... READ MORE

What Are Some Mommy Makeover Options That Don't Involve a Knife?

Surely there are great ways to look better (and also feel better) without surgery after having kids and experiencing a less perky shape? READ MORE

What's an Acceptable Amount of Time to Wait Before a Mommy Makeover after the last Child?

I will be 34 when my third child is born and had a saggy tummy in between all my pregnancies. I want to move on from that and feel tight and together... READ MORE

I Wonder If I Would Be A Good Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

I am 34 yrs old. 5' 6" and 128 lbs. I have had 2 very large babies and gained approximately 65lbs during my pregnancies...ugh. I have a very long... READ MORE

Extend my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation 9 years ago. But I still have loose skin on my lower back and want to have it removed. First I'm wondering... READ MORE

Mini Vs. Full? Breast Lift or Augmentation? Body Lift? Help!

I lost a significant amount of weight without surgery over the course of several years. I've been stable at a size 4 for two years now, and would like... READ MORE

What Are the Top 3 Most Effective and Efficient Skin Tuck Procedures After Childbirth?

Which mommy makeover skin tuck procedures have the largest tangible effect with the most minimal surgery? READ MORE

Is having a Mommy Makeover advisable now at a stable weight, or should I wait until I get to my goal weight?

I'm 5'2", and currently weigh 162. At my heaviest, during my last pregnancy, I weighed 221. I've maintained within 15lbs. of my current weight for... READ MORE

MOMMY MAKEOVER: Mini or Full TT? Do I have enough loose skin for a very low scar? What do I do about triple nipple/boob? (photo)

5'6 1/2-120lbs-31 yrs old, 3 kids. I have a third breast- it actually fills with milk when I'm lactating but it doesn't come out from the triple... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Jan 2014; Why do I still have so much excess flab? (Updated Photos)

I am 5'2" and 107 lbs. My biggest concern going into surgery was the flabby skin above my belly button and on my sides. I gave him permission to cut... READ MORE

I'm 40 yrs old, 108 lbs, 4'10, and 34DD. Is a mommy makeover right for me? (photos)

*40 yrs old/ 108lbs/ 4'10"/ 3 pregnancies & c-sections Ever since my last pregnancy 2yrs ago), I have had pooch and loose skin over my c-section scar... READ MORE

Thigh, Butt, Tummy Tuck and Boob Job?

Can I get all this done all at once or is it too much? I am travelling overseas so want to do it all at once. I don't have any fat to remove just... READ MORE

What procedures might be the best to achieve the results I am looking for? (Photo)

Just so I can get an idea of what operations to do some research on, I would like to know what types of procedures I would have to get in order to get... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove just skin and some fat with it without tightening ab muscles?

I plan to do breast reduction as well and am looking to reduce surgery and recovery time, my ps said I don't need lipo READ MORE

160 Lb Weight loss has resulted in lots of loose skin all over.. Can this be corrected now? (photos)

Hello I have lost 160lbs. I would like to have an arm lift, breast lift with implants, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. I am currently 248 lbs... READ MORE

Do I need to lose weight before a MM? I am 25, 5'2". I am 140 (115 pre pregnancy) and I have a lot of loose skin.

I am considering getting a tummy tuck while I have my breasts done. I am 25yrs, 5'2". My pre pregnancy weight was 115. I am now now 140 and I have a... READ MORE

Loose skin above belly button removal?

I lost 135 pounds over six years ago. I am in shape but my only issue is my bellybutton. It has enough loose skin above it that it makes it sag..and... READ MORE

Pls tell me the prices on a Mommy Makeover with breast augmentation also, a cost on just breast augmentation alone? Thank you!

I am 46 and post mentopausal. I have recently lost 78lbs causing major loose skin and also a lot of stretching due to my pregnancies. Again, just... READ MORE

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