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Will Insurance Pay for a Mommy Makeover?

I have both an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti, which give me pain and other issues. Does anyone know if my insurance will pay for all or part of... READ MORE

Is breast reduction surgery FMLA eligible?

Is breast reduction surgery covered under FMLA since it is often considered medically necessary for those whom have extremely large, heavy breasts... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Prescription Medication Needed for Mommy Makeover?

I'm covered by my moms insurance until i turn 26, but there wont be any appointments open with my plastic surgeon until a month after my coverage ends... READ MORE

How Long After the Initial Consultation Would a Potential Customer Receive a Quote? How Long is the Quote Good For?

I have decided to get a mommy makeover to improve my body after two kids 5 and 3. I recently started a new job at a small company and this year I do... READ MORE

Ins Co. Paying for BR but I'm Paying TT/LP. Do Drs Normally Charge Separate Anesthesia Fee?

I was under the impression that since I'm getting put under once and the insurance company is paying for that - that I would not have to pay for the... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay for Diastasis Recti?

I had very large twins in 2010. 16 lbs of babies, 4 lb placenta and 1000mls of fluid. I was stretched to the MAX. Now I have this bulge which is... READ MORE

What are some "MAJOR" complications that can/may "OCCUR" after having an Extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants?

I am going to have an Extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants in September. I need to know what are the most common and major complications... READ MORE

I am 35 years young want to have either a mummy make over or mini tummy tuck. Price difference? (photo)

Are there any finanacial assistance offered by Medicare or can a person get a discount if they have a pension concession READ MORE

My Surgeon Billed my Insurance and Collected Even After I Had Already Paid in Full out of Pocket. Is This Right?

I had TT & BA in January. The TT was denied by Tricare previously. By Jan, I had BCBS, but assumed it still would not be covered, so I just paid... READ MORE

How many pre-op visits with your surgeon are typical?

I had a consultation with my surgeon in September, at which time I had planned to have my mommy makeover in December. Due to issues with insurance, my... READ MORE

I'm from Canada and having cosmetic surgery in the US? I'm concerned about any unexpected complications during surgery or after.

I am concerned about any unexpected complications during surgery or after surgery and what kind of medical insurance I should have. READ MORE

I would like a mommy makeover I have cal pers insurance. What would the out of pocket cost be? (Photo)

I am30 years old great health about 5'3 and weigh 105. I have no fat just stretch marks and my belly button and breasts are not the same after having... READ MORE

Would getting a tummy tuck at the same time as an insurance covered breast reduction work and reduce cost? (Photo)

My husband wants me to get it all done at once, since he will have to take leave from the military while I recover. I am a 38DDD/F and a medium size... READ MORE

Is Mommy Makeover covered by insurance?

Can both breast lift and tummy tuck including liposuction be covered? What criteria is needed for most insurance companies to cover a mommy makeover? READ MORE

Is it possible to have a tummy tuck, mommy makeover and repair a colon prolapse at the same time? Will ins cover any of this?

I have loose skin/stretch marks around the midsection, breasts are sagging. Due to having children, constipation, a portion of my colon has prolapsed... READ MORE

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