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I Had a Mommy Makeover 10 Wks Ago and 2wks Ago my Upper Stomach Started to Stick out and when I Sit I Have a Roll Why?

I also have a indention where I have some stretch marks what is causing this and will it go away or will i have to have a revision ? READ MORE

8 Wks Po Bulge? (photo)

I am 8 wks po from tt, w full plication and BA and I still look like I have a pooch on the bottom 1/2 of my stomach, which is very frustrating as I... READ MORE

Sudden Bulge on Hip 4 Weeks Post Op Mommy Makeover. Will it be there forever? (photo)

Tomorrow I'll be 4 weeks post op from a Mommy Makeover. Yesterday I noticed a large, hard bulge on my hip. It starts near the end of my incision and... READ MORE

Is it normal for my pubic area below my scar to stick out more then my belly?

I had a mommy makeoverthe end of January I asked my doctor of it was normal for my pubic are to look like that. He said yes because i didn't ask for... READ MORE

My abdomen still has a full contour 16 wks post tummy tuck, how can I tell if the bulge on my upper abdomen is residual fat?

I'm 16 wks post mommy makeover (superior pedicle mastopexy augmentation, liposuction of the flanks, & abdominoplasty w/ a two-layer plication).... READ MORE

Has my Mommy Makeover gone wrong? (photos)

Not only am I upset with the size of my breasts to which the dr. Said they would be the same size after my breast lift. But what in the heck is wrong... READ MORE

What type of tummy tuck would be best for me? (Photo)

Hello. I've had 3 consults for a mommy makeover. One surgeon told me I wouldn't be happy with a TT and would need to go all the way around my body...I... READ MORE

I am 5 months post op - are my results reasonable? (Photo)

I have a bulge above my belly button when I bend over it really annoys me that it's not flat. Should I bring this up with my surgeon or do you think... READ MORE

7 days post op Mommy-make over and I have this bulge the size of big grapefruit. Is this normal? (photos)

I am one week post-op. I had a breast reduction/lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck..... Aka a "mommy makeover". Everything has gone very well... But... READ MORE

I'm 11 days po TT and BA with saline. At the drain tube site I have wrinkling. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

Is This wrinkling normal or should I bring it to my P.S. attention? Also I seem to have a bulge On my hips he did lipo. Very concerned about area. READ MORE

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