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I'm concerned about my protruding my upper belly? (photo)

When I ppinch it there is a lot of fat. PS is only performing a TT and BR and says lipo is too risky to do at the same time. I weigh 177 and am... READ MORE

Lose Weight Before Mommy Makeover?

I am in my mid-40s, and do not plan on any more children. Unfortunately, I am about 50 lbs overweight, and having a tough time losing. Do I need to... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty/mastopexy Recovery Time?

I am a 53 y.o. healthy (non-smoking) female, no sig med prblms, except hx stage 0 melanoma (1999) & GERD w/BMI 26...(hoping that GERD will go away... READ MORE

Hormone Replacement and Mommy Makeover?

I am on prometrium (po)& vivelle patch for perimenopausal symptoms (for 2 years). I will be 49 at time of surgery (TT, BA, BL, and lipo)-... READ MORE

I Am 1 Week Post Op from Having a Full Tummy Tuck Along with BA. I Look Unusually Swollen Compared to Other Posts?

I am 5'4" 125 lbs 48yr old. I am one week post op to having a full tummy tuck including muscle along with BA implants 350cc silicone. I really like my... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover w/ Stents?

I just turned 48 in Feb. but had a heart attack due to clogged arteries. I take all the meds and exercise eat right and don't smoke. I am only... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Part Even Possible After Extensive Abdominal Surgery?

In 1991, after a bad car accident, I was cut open from pubic bone to sternum. Many things cauterized or sewn back together. >1 yr later, I got... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover, with Liposuction? (photo)

I have had a significant wgt loss of 70 lbs. I would still like to loose 20 more but I am at a plateau and most of my weight is in my stomach. I am... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for my body? (photos)

Hello Drs, Im a 45 yr old woman was married for 24 &cheated on so now Im single. Im 150 pounds, 5 feet tall my weight was 285-300 pounds. Id like a... READ MORE

Which Procedure(s) Is/are Best?

Age: 45 yrs, 64 inches tall, 200 lbs, good health. I carry my weight in my tummy and hips. I would like to see my navel or lift tummy from my lap and... READ MORE

Can I get a better result? Dr says he can't remove anymore skin (Photo)

45 years old female w/ 4 kids,142lb,5'3. It's been 2 yrs since my bilat breast argumentation, areolar reduction,abdominoplasty & liposuction. When I... READ MORE

What procedures would be best for reduction of stomach area, and breasts? (photos)

54 and Frustrated. Q. What procedures would be best for reduction of stomach area, and breasts. Left breast about 2" larger than right. Weight is... READ MORE

Want a Mommy Makeover; I am in desperate need of Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction. Can any doctor operate on me? (Photo)

I am 49/50 years old with 1 previous C-section. Have lost 2 stones and will be losing more but need to loose the hanging tummy and droopy breasts. My... READ MORE

Will recovery be easier with no MR? (photo)

After several consults where they all said I needed no MR I'm assuming my stomach surgery in 07 resulted in an MR. I'm 52 and OK shape. W/O the MR,... READ MORE

What can be done to avoid/prevent stretch marks from healing incision sites (tummy tuck, breast lift with implants)? Thanks.

Some other posters on this site have mentioned this problem. I want to avoid or prevent this in my upcoming surgery.I will be getting a full tummy... READ MORE

How long realistically is a Mommy Makeover recovery ? I work in a office.

Tummy tuck healing ? time frame Breat implants and reduction ? time frame 48 and in pretty good shape 148 lbs . READ MORE

How safe is it to have tummy tuck and breast reduction at the same time?

I am 49 year old and would like to to do full tummy tuck and breast reduction at the same time. I am 147 Ib, 5' 3" tall and wear 36D / DD bra. I have... READ MORE

What is the cost of vaginoplasty-Perinealplsty, Breast Augmentation, Mini Tummy Tuck all together? (photos)

I use to be 36DD NOW 36D I want fullness back. I had a total radical hysterectomy. I work out a lot I'm 46yrs old. Blessed Mother of three I don't... READ MORE

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