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Is Mole Removal Safe by an Esthetician Using the Superfrecator Machine?

She offered to do it for me with a machine called Superfrecator..My friend had it done and her freckles and moles came off. There is a flesh burning... READ MORE

I Have This Bump/mole on my Nose. What is It Called? Is It Safe to Remove It when Im Only 14? (photo)

I have had this bump on my nose since I was about 5 or 6. It is genetic and runs down my dads side of the family. it doesnt hurt or cause any irritation. READ MORE

Flat mole on neck: Will removing it leave a scar?

I want to remove mole on neck ,it's flat mole,but i doubt,is possible remove mole without leaving scar? what's the best method to remove mole? laser... READ MORE

Can I safely remove a mole using products sold as "100% TCA" Trichloroacetic Acid?

Hi, I am 20 years old and have a lot of moles, this worries me because melanoma is common in my family. If i go to a skin cancer clinic and have my... READ MORE

Care of mole removal wound after two weeks. Should I continue keeping it moist with Vaseline?

Having had a mole removed two weeks ago, the site is still rather red. Every day I have washed it and put Vaseline there covered by a plaster. Is it... READ MORE

How many moles is it safe to have removed at one time?

I have a number of large moles on my back (around 7), which are raised and large; 2 on my chest and 1 on my thigh. I have consulted a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

How can I go about having facial moles removed safely without scarring? (photo)

I have a line of quite large moles down one side of my face which I am very insecure about, I am wondering what the best method of removal would be to... READ MORE

Is there any new and upcoming laser technology that will potentially remove flat moles efficiently and safely?

I understand the standard technique to remove moles are the shave excision and surgical excision with sutures. I feel everything else has more... READ MORE

Beckers Nevus Mole: Is it safe to tattoo over the mole?

I am just wondering if it is safe to get a tattoo to conceal a Beckers Nevus mole. Is there any risks and would it hold the ink? READ MORE

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