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Does Laser Mole Removal Work?

I have a bunch of moles on my back that I would Like to have removed. A couple of them are raised and a bunch of them are flat. I spend a lot of time... READ MORE

My Husband Had Moles Removed and the Severe on Shows Lesion Close to a Letral Inked Edge

He had 4 shave biopsy's of moles, 2 came back mild, 1 moderate and 1 severe. Had severe one removed thursday - diagnois on original biopsy states... READ MORE

Should a Mole That Has Mild to Moderate Cells Be Removed or Watched?

Should a Mole That Has Mild to Moderate Cells Be Removed or Watched? READ MORE

Should I Have a Shrinking Mole Removed?

I am 53, and I've had this mole since I can remember. It is shrinking, but my doctor still wants to cut it out. Is there a reason to bother removing... READ MORE

"Stork Bite" Never Faded. I Am Interested in Removing It but Haven't Found Any Info. About Stork Bites on Adults. (photo)

My birthmark was apparent sense birth. Was told it's a "stork bite" and it would eventually fade away by the time i was 2-3 years old.... READ MORE

Why Would I Want Both a Dermatologist and a Plastic Surgeon to Have a Mole Removed?

If I'm just going to end up seeing a plastic surgeon to make the removal/scar area look right, then why see a dermatologist? Can the plastic... READ MORE

Mole Removal Cost and Doctor for Raised Moles?

How much would mole removal cost for a raised small mole by my mouth that has hair growing out of it ? Who would be the best doctor to do this? READ MORE

Scab 4 weeks after stitches removed.

I had a mole excision mid November with five stitches (two deep dissolving). Stitches were removed ten days later and since end of November I have... READ MORE

Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

I would like to get my mole removed as it really affects my confidence, I rang local surgery and they gave me the option of dermatologist or plastic... READ MORE

What Type of Scar Should I Expect if I'm Having a Mole Removed from my Chin?

What is the next step/procedure after mole removal in getting the skin to appear scarless? READ MORE

What methods are there to remove my mole? (photo)

I have a enough big mole. Sometime It has a few hairs grow out but i pluck them by my hands and i still feel normal all the time. But i really dont... READ MORE

Desperately Want Unusual Mole on my Right Cheek Removed/Explained?

I have had this mole ever since I was young. It's right in the middle of my right cheek and makes me really self-conscious. I've never seen... READ MORE

Supernumerary Nipple Removal Cost?

I have a Supernumerary nipple located right below my right breast which I thought was a mole up until recently, when it started to have cyclical pain... READ MORE

Mole Removal in a Sensitive Spot, But Not Harmful, Is It Better To Remove (photo)?

I have a mole at my throat. I was born with it, and it hasn't really changed. My Doctor said that it isn't really dangerous; she said it might be... READ MORE

Medium Size Hairy Mole Removal, What is the Best Way? (photo)

My wife has a medium size congenital nevi on her left hand, approx. 2 and a half inch diameter, slightly raised and hairy (see picture). She wanted to... READ MORE

What is the Normal Wait Time to Remove Stitches from the Face?

I had a lymph node removed from my neck. The doctor wants me to wait three weeks. I just think that it is to long. I need help with information. READ MORE

Mole removal on back of neck. How bad will scar be? (photo)

Mole is slightly raised and the diameter of a pencil eraser. It is not suspicious. Having it removed for cosmetic reasons. I am hesitant because I had... READ MORE

I Developed a Half Inch Linear Line Bump on my Cheek After a Mole Was Frozen Off. Can I Get This Excised with Little Scarring?

I Developed a Half Inch Linear Line Bump on my Cheek After a Mole Was Frozen Off.  Can I Get This Excised with Little Scarring? READ MORE

Should I worry about a hard, large, pink bump on my back from where I recently had a mole removed? (Photo)

Almost a year ago I had a large mole removed from my shoulder blade with a scalpel by a dermatologist. For a while the spot was a big divet in my back... READ MORE

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