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Mole Removed, Now 2 Months Later Small Portion Grown Back?

29 yo. Annoying mole 3 inches down from my arm pit approx 1-2mm. It sat exactly at my bra strap so it was irritated. Dr. Shaved it off two months ago,... READ MORE

Will a Melanoma Grow Back from Shave Biopsy?

If a shave biopsy on a mole was done, and it happened to be melanoma but was misdiagnosed as benign, would the melanoma grow back in the biopsy site? READ MORE

Can You Have Mole Removal Before the Age of 18?

I'm 14 with 6 moles on my right side of the face. You can literally play connect the dots with it. But it's really causing an issue with my self... READ MORE

What is the Possibility of a Shaved Mole to Reoccur?

One month ago I had a pretty big mole shaved off my face, about 0.4-0.5 inches. It was protrude one and it healed really well - almost no visible scar... READ MORE

Had a Mole Removed From My Back and it Grew Back? (photo)

I had a mole removed on my back and it grew back this weird lump with a small dark center... Do I need to get it removed again? READ MORE

Mole on Lip?

I have a small raised mole on my lip border, on my cupid's bow. I had it electrocauterized it years ago. That left a small white indented line. The... READ MORE

Had a Small Raised Hairy Mole on my Face Removed. Was Benign but Pigment and Hair Grew Back Within Month?

I heard it is common for moles like this to grow back and my doc warned me, but didn't think it would be so fast. Making an appt to get all of it... READ MORE

Mole/Birthmark Removal? (photo)

I was born with a birthmark/cluster of moles under my arm. About 11 years ago I had them removed from a doctor it was ugly scars in place and a couple... READ MORE

Mole Regrew Twice After Shaving Technique?

I have a mole half an inch under the inner corner of my eye that has been shaved off twice but has regrown and repigmented. I would still like to get... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with a mole regrowing to previous size after punch biopsy?

I have a mole on my areola, which I've had my entire life. A few months ago, I got it checked for melanoma since it began to change. The dermatologist... READ MORE

Can a mole grow back different?

So I got my mole removed recently like 2 moths ago but it grew back different. The mole grew back a bit bigger and there are smaller moles around it... READ MORE

Hi, I Had a Mole on my Neck It Was Removed and Now Growing Back?

Iv had the mole since I was about a month old I'm 18 now and it started to change I went to the doctor and she looked very worried about it and sent... READ MORE

Mole grew back after shaving, how to remove it completely?

I had an abnormally shaped and colored facial mole that I've had for years shaved off and the biopsy came back benign. I had it removed 7 weeks ago.... READ MORE

Does my mole regrowth show signs of malignancy? (photo)

I had a mole removed 3 months ago. I had it removed because I thought it wasn't normal, but my doctor thought it was alright. Now 3 months later I can... READ MORE

If I have my mole removed, will it grow back?

If moles are properly removed, is it likely that they will grow back? I'm thinking of getting a mole removed, but my mum says that it will almost... READ MORE

After Laser Mole Removal, Regrowth? (photo)

I had this mole removed by laser on my neck 3 weeks ago, is that dark brown spot my mole growing back? and please tell me what to do to lighten my... READ MORE

I have upraised mole on the tip of my nose. Would it grow back if it was removed? (Photo)

If it is shaped what is the chance to grow back? Should I see dermatologist or Physical surgeon? READ MORE

What does it mean if I had moles removed from my breast, and one came back?

Over the summer I had two miles removed from my right breast, but a few weeks ago I noticed another had grown in a new spot, but still on the same... READ MORE

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