Redness + Mole Removal

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How to Fade a Red Mark After Mole Removal?

I removed a mole by myself by using an apple cider vinegar method. To cut the long story short, this method made the mole go away by just burning the... READ MORE

Red Ring Around Mole? (photo)

When I was pregnant with my son last year I noticed a mole that I hadn't noticed before on my side. It started itching a few months ago and now is... READ MORE

Will Redness Surrounding Scar from Mole Removal Dissipate? When? (photo)

I attached pix of my chin and jaw scars from having a moles removed. This is the first day after having stitches removed and a week after having the... READ MORE

Red Marks After Mole Removal

I've had freckles and moles removed with a product called "Wart & Mole Vanish." It worked, but I have been left with red marks on... READ MORE

How Long Until the Redness Goes Away After Mole Removal?

Hello!! I was wondering if after shaving a scar after mole removal will doing anything bad? I've been putting poly on it and seems to be working... READ MORE

Redness After Mole Removal

I had 3 cauterized moles removed last november. Ive done about 5 sessions of laser treatment, but its still red. Im getting laser treatment from 2... READ MORE

Post-mole Red Ring

2 weeks ago, I had a 1/8-inch mole shaved off of my nose by my dermatologist. During the 1st week, I applied Aquaphor and Bandaids, and while healing... READ MORE

Red Uneven Scar After Co2 Lasr Mole Removal? (photo)

Hi..i got two moles removed from face (cheek and forehead) with co2 has been 4 weeks but there are two red uneven scars left..the redness is... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I Recently Had 3 Moles Laser Removed from my Face, Is the Redness Normal After 1 Week?

1 of my moles was flat and 2 were slightly raised. It is a week since i had these done, and i wanted to know how it is supposed to look now? as mine... READ MORE

When to Worry About Mole Injuries?

I have facial mole that was bitten by a parrot, is now very painful, inlarged, infected and skin around is reddened to about a 2 inch area. Actual... READ MORE

Removed Basal Cell From Nose 3 Weeks Ago, Now Left With Redness and Bumps/Scars?

Hello , i had a basal cell cancer on my nose , I did a plastic surgery remove the part and the test result was fine . now it is about 3 weeks from the... READ MORE

Mole Removal Redness?

Hello, I'm 17 years old about six months ago i had a mole removal. I was happy because i hated it. It was on my chick, it wasn't that big but still i... READ MORE

Still a Little Redness After 7 Months (Laser Mole Removal on Cheek)?

I had laser mole removal done on my cheek about last August (2012) and now it is May (2013) and there is still a little redness (noticeable) on my... READ MORE

Redness Not Fading from Mole Removal Scar?

I'm of Chinese ethnicity and fair-skin. 3 weeks ago, I removed two flat facial brown moles via laser (burning the mole). For a few days, I applied... READ MORE

How do i fix the redness and bumpiness after i removed the mole? (photo)

SO what happened was that i removed the mole and the mole with a medication that burns it plus a needle to poke at it so the medication can go in and... READ MORE

Will my scar every become white? Rr is the healing process done? (photos)

After i did a mole removal(chest) i got a raised hyperthrophic scar, after 1 year i did a injection in it so it became flat, now its flat for 3... READ MORE

I have 2 spots on my glans corona area that I can't imagine what might be?

2 spots on my corona or ridge of my glans. One is more reddish and the other is a little more whitish-purplish. They appear to be under the skin and... READ MORE

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