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Mole Removal for Slightly Raised Facial Mole?

I have a small brown raised mole on the side of my face I want removed. It does have a few hairs that grow out of it that I pluck with tweezers. It... READ MORE

Does Laser Mole Removal Work?

I have a bunch of moles on my back that I would Like to have removed. A couple of them are raised and a bunch of them are flat. I spend a lot of time... READ MORE

Removal Options for Raised Mole?

I have a raised mole on the right side of my face. I don't know if the mole is malignant, but I really want it removed for various reasons. I want to... READ MORE

Does a Suddenly Raised Mole Always Indicate Melanoma?

Based on your experience throughout the years does a suddenly raised mole always indicate melanoma? Has that been the case with all your patients? I... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Raised Mole on a Penis?

I have a raised black mole on my penis. Is it possible to be removed? Obviously I cannot post a picture, but it is a round, black mole raised like a... READ MORE

Mole Is Raised With Red Ring Around It- What To Do?

My Husband Recently Had a Mole Checked by the Family Doctor.  The Mole Has Been on His Shoulder for Years but Recently a Red ring appeared... READ MORE

I Have 99% Non-pigmented Raised Mole on my Nose. Need a Second Opinion? (photo)

It's where the nostril meets the nose. I have asked a plastic surgeon before and she told me that if it were to be removed it would leave more of... READ MORE

Can a Raised Mole Be Removed from the Eyebrow Without Losing Hair?

Can a Raised Mole Be Removed from the Eyebrow Without Losing Hair? READ MORE

How Long Will It Take my Wound to Heal After a Mole Removal on my Lip? (photo)

I have a raised, fleshy nevi about 8 mm in diameter. A plastic surgeon that I saw said he could remove it via excision with stitches (he said stitches... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Raised Mole from Your Lip with Minimal Scarring? (photo)

I have a mole on my lip that my dermatologist said was not cancerous. I have experienced Keloid scarring in the past and I am concerned that removing... READ MORE

Removing Raised Moles on Your Face with Hydrogen Peroxide Good or Bad?

I tried removing a raised mole with hydrogen peroxide, it stings during and slightly post application of the peroxide, is this normal? Should I... READ MORE

Mole Removal on My Vagina?

I have a mole on my vagina near my clitoris but my pube area. It's raised and brown. I've had it since birth but I want to get it removed for a couple... READ MORE

Skin Colored Raised Mole, Not Too Noticeable, What Do You Recommend?

I have a mole right in the middle of my eyebrows. Its small, a little darker than my skin and slightly raised. In some lights you cant see it but in... READ MORE

Recently Raised Mole on my Back?

Hi, I have a mole on my back that has always been flat, dark brown and about 3mm. Recently it became slighty raised which concerned me. I was... READ MORE

Removing of Mole Under my Chin. It's About 1cm, What Are My Options?

I have raised mole under my chin I want to be removed. According to dermatologist that examined it it's not necessary to be removed but I... READ MORE

Mole Removal Scar Revision? (photo)

About five months ago, I had a mole removed from my buttocks via the punch biopsy method. The dermatologist sewed up my would with non dissolvable... READ MORE

Excision of Flat Mole

So I had a dark brown raised mole in the center of my nose, and had it removed 3 years ago and it grew back slightly lighter and flat and I hate it... READ MORE

Mole Removal Procedure That Leaves Unnoticeable or No Scar?

I am considering to remove a raised mole on my upper breast area. I am very concerned with the scarring. Is there a procedure that will remove this... READ MORE

Should I Have This Mole Removed? (photo)

I'm 19 years old and I've had this protruding mole on my back that seems to have gotten bigger over the past couple years. Does it look suspicious?... READ MORE

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