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Repigmentation Occurring Six Months After a Dysplastic Nevus (With Severe Changes) Removed?

Today, at my follow up, my dermatologist re-excised the pigmentation that returned in the center of the scar left from the first excision. My first... READ MORE

What is Atypical Spitzoid Nevus?

Mole came back as atypical spitzoid nevus and now I have to go to a surgeon. The nurse made it sound serious but said the surgeon would explain more. READ MORE

I'm 18 yrs old, Permanent Removal Options for Hairy Nevus Birthmark? (photo)

Since birth, I've had a hairy nevus birthmark on my left cheek. It is relatively small, about an inch long and half an inch wide. I'm now 18 and I'm... READ MORE

Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome? How is This Diagnosed?

I saw my GP yesterday about my moles and he referred me to a plastic surgeon to biopsy of 2 of them (on back and on 5th web space of hand). As part of... READ MORE

I'm Afraid my "Non-diagnosis" Will Affect my Follow Up and Treatment. I Possibly Have Melanoma?

A shave bx for a lesion on my back revealed a dysplastic nevus with severe changes. It reappeared in the same spot, and was bx'd again. This time, a... READ MORE

My child was diagnosed 3 years ago with severe dysplastic nevi on his face. Should we do the surgery? A Florida Family

The extremely highly regarded board-certified MOH dermatologist told us after he had removed it that at first glance he thought it was melanoma. He... READ MORE

Can severe dysplastic Nevus turn into Melanoma after a year not being treated properly?

I have had melinoma insitu 4 years ago and also have regular skin checks every 6 month with recurrent severe and moderate dysplastic Nevis. At a... READ MORE

Do I need a sentinel lymph node biopsy after (diagnosis and excision of) a Spitz naevus? (Photo)

Three months ago a shave biopsy was histologically diagnosed as a Spitz naevus. My dermatologist says it is benign and cannot turn malignant. However,... READ MORE

Moderate and severe atypia. Prognosis?

I am 35 y.o. with a history of severely atypical nevus (removed 5 years ago). I had another biopsy done recently and it showed that I have a mole with... READ MORE

Mild to moderate nevus cells from biopsy- should I wait or excise for clear margins?

I've just had a mole on my back removed and the results were mild to moderate abnormal nevus cells. The dermatologist wants to excise the margins to... READ MORE

Looking for more info on a "severely atypical compound melanocytic nevus."

On July 7, a dermatologist removed a small freckle/mole from my left calf. It was about 2 mm in diameter. It came back as severely atypical. It was... READ MORE

Is re-excision of mildly atypical nevus necessary?

15 months after biopsy it is extremely difficult for dermatologist to even detect site as there is a very small scar but no pigmentation. Is... READ MORE

My surgeon says that I need a History and Physical from my primary care provider, what does this entail?

Hello, I am scheduled for surgery to remove a medium congenital nevus from my face, on my right cheek. For the History and Physical, will I need a... READ MORE

Blue Nevus mole removal on face. How long will the scar be and what direction? How long does the healing process take? (Photo)

I have a blue nevus mole on the side of my cheek that is 4mm in diameter. I'm deciding if I should have this removed via excision or leave it as is. I... READ MORE

What is the likelihood that a intradermal nevus will return after excision biopsy?

I recently had an intradermal nevus removed by excision biopsy. Upon my follow up visit to have the stitches removed, my doctor informed me that the... READ MORE

I had a mole removal and i still feel there's something remaining on my head

I had a mole nevus removed from my head and I didn't touch it before but after 3 days or something I touched it and it feels like there's still... READ MORE

Mole / nevus removed over 2 months ago, still bulgy and pink. (Photo)

Hello, I had benign mole (verruca seborrhoica) removed from my forehead by scooping out with co2 coagulation. Now, I see it's still bulgy and visible... READ MORE

I had a Spitz Nevus removed yesterday, It required 5 internal/external stitches. Would it be bad for me to change the dressing?

My Doctor told me to leave the dressing on for a week. Not to replace it unless it begins to fall off. Not to clean the wound or use bacitracin. The... READ MORE

I had a mole nevus and got radio cautery but there is a scar now. What can be done to remove it? (Photo)

The scar is on my forehead. The nevus was black and had hair growing in it. The scar is where the mole was and it is raised. There's still hair... READ MORE

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