Melanoma + Mole Removal

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Moderate Atypia. Is It Melanoma?

I am almost 22 and have been tanning in beds since I was in a preteen. (I won't be anymore) I got the results back from a biopsy and the mole was... READ MORE

Mild, Moderate and Severe Moles: Should They All be Removed?

My Husand Had 4 Moles Tested. They Came Back and 2 Are Mild, One Moderate and One Severe. They want to remove which I agree but only the severe and... READ MORE

Does a Suddenly Raised Mole Always Indicate Melanoma?

Based on your experience throughout the years does a suddenly raised mole always indicate melanoma? Has that been the case with all your patients? I... READ MORE

Does This Mole Look Be to Melanoma or Dysplastic Nevus? (photo)

My brother recently informed me he developed a new tiny mole (the size of a sesame seed) 1 month ago and he is wondering if it looks like melanoma or... READ MORE

Melanoma in Residual Cells?

I accidentally rubbed off a very small, round brown mole that had appeared on my knee about a year ago. I was looking at it closely because I was... READ MORE

Worried I scratched off a melanoma and it's under the scar now (photos)

Mole developed R wrist Oct 2011, no growth but darkened while pregnant I dermatologist saw Nov 2013 and another in March 2014, said it looked fine... READ MORE

Picked off a New Mole- Can I Still Be Tested for Melanoma?

Hi, I saw a new mole on my finger (1-2mm, light brown) and picked it off with my fingernails. 1-Is there a way to find out if this mole was or was not... READ MORE

What is likelihood a mole is melanoma but has been there for years? (photo)

I have had a raised mole on my lower back for years. About 3 years is as far back I can remember. I have scratched it off few times before because I... READ MORE

Had Mole Cut Out, Was Changing into Melanoma; It Grew Back Year Later, Need Surgery So Does It Mean the Roots Has Melanoma?

Had Mole Cut Out, Was Changing into Melanoma; It Grew Back Year Later, Need Surgery So Does It Mean the Roots Has Melanoma? READ MORE

Biopsy For Suspicious Mole?

I had a suspicious mole removed from my back .The 2 biopsy reports came back as lentiginous functional nevus with severe atypical extending with in 5... READ MORE

Recurrent Nevus Had Alarming Biopsy Result. What is my Likelihood of Having Neoplasia?

6 months ago I had an atypical nevus removed from my back that had severe cell changes, but the borders were clear. Nothing further was done. As my... READ MORE

Could the moles at my pubic area be mucosal melanoma? (Photo)

I noticed 3 small moles at my pubic region a few years ago and didn't think much of it. Recently, I noticed that they all grew much bigger than they... READ MORE

Will a "picked off" nodular melanoma grow back to a visible state?

Yesterday I noticed a 2 mm brown itchy nodule on the back of my hand. It appeared to have a pus head but didn't look like a pimple. When I tried to... READ MORE

Does This Mole Look Like Melanoma? (photo)

This mole has been on my breast in the same size/shape/color for the last 7-8 years. Would like to know if it looks melanomic. Thank you. READ MORE

Is this mole nodular melanoma? (photo)

I am 31 and believe I have had this raised, firm pink bump near my ear for about four months. I have pale skin, brown eyes, and had 2-3 burns in... READ MORE

Atypical Melanocytic Hyperplasia Re-excision Margin. Am I At Risk For Melanoma?

I have been diagnosed with three moles as atypical melanocytic hyperplasia. The pathologist recommended 3-5 mm re-exision, and the doctor only took 4... READ MORE

Proper Procedure for Irregular Mole Removal?

I went to the dermatologist and she said I have an irregular mole on my back that needs to be removed because it may be or become melanoma (it is flat... READ MORE

Could It Not Be Melanoma? In Summary, Variates in Color, Asymmetrical, on my Buttocks, and Started Small then Grew. (photo)

I have this mole on my buttocks, it started as a very small dark brown/black freckle. The mole is 3mm x 2.5mm. I've had it 'checked' three times by... READ MORE

It's a new atypical mole always melanoma? (photo)

Hi.I'm 26 years old and I developed a new mole at 14 weeks pregnant.It is big as a pencil eraser and it is irregular.I have 6 more atypical moles.I... READ MORE

Atypical Moles and History of Tanning - Melanoma Panic?

I am a 29 year old female with a caucasian mother and bi-racial father, no known history of melanoma in the family (unsure of dysplastic nevi) but a... READ MORE

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