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Normal Healing After Punch Biopsy?

I had a benign mole removed by punch biopsy from the sole of my foot three weeks ago, just below my 2nd and 3rd toes. The wound seems to have mostly... READ MORE

I Am Afraid a Stitch Was Left in my Daughters Face from a Mole Removal. There is Now a Painful Lump. How To Tell?

My daughter had a mole removed from the side of her face and now there is a large raised (and she says painful) lump. Could that be a stitch left? READ MORE

I Have Had Two Moles Removed by Circular Incision on Face, Help I Don't Like the Result?

My PS told me this was done on purpose to help ensure short scars, however now I have four whitish hard lumps on either side of where the moles were.... READ MORE

I Am Worried and Waiting for a Biopsy on Lump on my Ear? (photo)

31 yrs, female, dark hair, lots of moles, skin rarely tans/often burns. Suffered sunburn in younger years and used sunbeds (reggretably) Waiting for... READ MORE

History of Infiltrative BCC, but Deem Won't Biopsy New Lump?

I had a BCC taken off my ear in October, results showed it was an aggressive 'intfiltrative' type. It was a waxy pearly lump with multiple thread... READ MORE

Lumps on incision scar on each end, one year after surgery

I had a precancerous mole excised by a plastic surgeon. I am about at the year mark and I have a dog ear on one end a white lump on the other end.... READ MORE

What is the fleshy lump at end of my scar? (photo)

I had two moles removed 14 days ago and have noticed a fleshy lump at top of my lower scar. It's not sore or red but is noticeable. Is this related to... READ MORE

What is the lump under the skin 6 months after mole removal?

I had a mole removed 6months ago behind ear lobe on my neck. Minimal scaring, never bothered me until about 3 weeks ago I noticed a bump, looked like... READ MORE

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