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What is Healing Time for Mole Removal Scars & Holes?

I had a mole removed on my cheek by a shave removal 12 weeks ago which left me with a round hole the size of a pencil eraser that has filled in some.... READ MORE

22 Y/O. 7 Years Post Mole Removal, Hole in My Face?

I am 22 years old girl and i have a hole on my face and its been 7 years and i am soo worried about this is there any treatment for this or not.and if... READ MORE

Left with Hole After Laser Removal of Flat Mole?

A day ago, I went to a dermatology clinic to have a flat mole removed via laser. I had it done in China and having moles removed by a laser is common.... READ MORE

I Had a Mole Removed from my Face a Month Ago and I Still Have a Small Hole?

I had a mole removed from my face and a single stitch put in. I kept it covered with a band aid for a week and the stitches were removed on day 5. I... READ MORE

Mole Laser Removal, Will it Leave a Hole?

Hello, I'd like to remove mole on my face via laser, but I am afraid it will leave a hole. My friend has a hole on his face after laser removal, a... READ MORE

Will a pink indent after radiosurgery mole removal wind up healing?

1.5 weeks ago I had a flat mole removed from my face with radiosugery. The removal of the flat dark dot left a slightly indented "hole" in my skin... READ MORE

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