Hair Growth + Mole Removal

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What Should I Do with Hair Growing from Mole Removal Wound?

Four days ago I had a mole removed from my face. I am doing the right thing and covering the wound with vaseline and band aids. The mole used to have... READ MORE

Hair and Pimple Growth Through Scar After Mole Removal. What Does This Mean for my Scar?

I had a mole removed off my face which left a 2mm raised hypertrophic scar 2 years ago. To my surprise facial hair and occasionally pimples grow out... READ MORE

Removing a large mole on the head in a way that it won't keep hair from regrowing? (photo)

My son has a mole on his head (1 cm wide), which he's had for many years (he's 14). It's slightly raised in the middle and redder, but brown on the... READ MORE

Best Option for Mole Removal(s)? (photo)

Thanks indefinitely for your time. I want to get the two moles highlighted in the second photo removed. I know one of them is on the nasal labial... READ MORE

Will Shaving the Mole Be Effective?

I have a raised, pigmented mole on my chin (that also grows hair). It isn't very big, probably about the size of medium-large pimple. I am planning to... READ MORE

Could This Mole Be Turning into a Skin Cancer? (photo)

I'm 28 y/o. My mole is growing very slowly. It has hair, sensation, sometimes acne & bleeds if acne is opened. Like the rest of my facial skin,... READ MORE

I Have a Slightly Raised Mole Just Under my Chin. I Want to Get It Removed with the Less Cost Possible?

I want the lest cost because im not wealthy. I have read about it already and the prices are way up there. My mole is not cancerous. Its a light brown... READ MORE

How to shave my face after a facial mole removal?

Some might ask what's more embarrassing than a mole on the face? How about a mole on the face that has hair growing out of it. :( About a week ago I... READ MORE

Are there any differences in moles that grow hair?

My son has a mole on his chin. He has had it since birth but the past few years it has had hair growing out of it. We want to get it removed before he... READ MORE

I have a big mole in my eyebrow, I think of removing it soon, can the hair grow back after removing it ? (photos)

The mole is in my left eyebrow, its color is brown, I was born with it but it was a little bit small. Thank u so much in advance. READ MORE

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