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How to Remove a Flat Mole on my Face? (photo)

I have two Flat Moles on my face that I like to remove or make less obvious. Is there procedure out there that can leave no scars? This is purley for... READ MORE

Mole Removed, Now 2 Months Later Small Portion Grown Back?

29 yo. Annoying mole 3 inches down from my arm pit approx 1-2mm. It sat exactly at my bra strap so it was irritated. Dr. Shaved it off two months ago,... READ MORE

Laser Removal of Small, Flat Moles

I have several small, flat moles that I would like to lighten. They are not raised at all--they are literally brown dots. I went to see a... READ MORE

I Have a Small Flat Brown Mole in my Penis Head?

I saw a dermatologist and he said that there's nothing to worry about.Although i want to remove that mole for cosmetic reasons,it causes me a bit of... READ MORE

Excision of Flat Mole

So I had a dark brown raised mole in the center of my nose, and had it removed 3 years ago and it grew back slightly lighter and flat and I hate it... READ MORE

Best Way to Get These Flat Facial Moles Removed? (photo)

I have had these forever on my cheek, enough is enough. I went to a consultation a few years ago and the dermatologist said they would scar on... READ MORE

After 3.5 Months of my First Excision of my Pigmented Birthmark

1.Will this scar heal well?HOw long?had an injection to'flatten'the raised scar today,now using kelo-cote 3times/day. 2.Can undergo a... READ MORE

Flat mole on nose: It is not cancerous but makes me self conscious - What is the best method?

It's quite small so will there be much scarring? How much will treatment cost? How long does it take to heal? READ MORE

Can a Dark Flat Mole Right on the Mucosal Lip Tissue Be Removed by Q Switch Laser?

I have a round dark flat mole right on my lip. What are my options of removing with minimal scar. How much would this cost? READ MORE

How Can I Remove a Flat Mole Without Surgery?

I have a dark brown mole on forehead, I've had it since I was born. It's 1/3 of a pencil and it has been a problem for years when i was younger i... READ MORE

Flat mole removal on the nose (Photo)

Would it be possible to remove a flat mole on the nose? I've had one my whole life and I never grew fond of it. I was considering laser mole removal... READ MORE

Shaved a Flat Mole on Face and Now It's Pink? (photo)

I had a brown flat mole on my face. I shaved It off 2 weeks ago and now its like this(see pic). Is this normal? Will it go? READ MORE

I had three flat moles removed from my face but one of them left a hole. Will it heal? (photos)

I had three flat moles lasered removed from my face but one of them left a hole. As soon as the scab fell off I put aloe Vera on it for a week... READ MORE

What Are The Options Available For Removing Deep Flat Moles? (photo)

I have a flat mole on the right side of my nose which has been there since birth. I always thought it was a birthmark but lately realize it wasn't and... READ MORE

Can my Flat Mole on the Eye Waterline Be Removed? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering whether or not this mole can be removed or not? It sits right at the edge of my eye bordering the waterline. I'm not sure whether... READ MORE

Stitchless Mole Removal?

Hi. I'm looking for the name of a stitchless mole removal technique a doctor told me about, that is appropriate for small flat moles. From what I... READ MORE

Best Option for Mole Removal(s)? (photo)

Thanks indefinitely for your time. I want to get the two moles highlighted in the second photo removed. I know one of them is on the nasal labial... READ MORE

How Would I Go About Removing Flat Facial Moles?

Hello, I am 18 years old and I've noticed newly developing moles on my face(12 at the moment) the ones that were there before got a little bigger.... READ MORE

Best way to remove a flat mole on the nose? (photo)

I'm 19. I have a mole on the middle of my nose. It is 2 mm wide. I'm pretty sure it's flat, but when I move my finger over it there is a slight bump.... READ MORE

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