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Mole Removal for Slightly Raised Facial Mole?

I have a small brown raised mole on the side of my face I want removed. It does have a few hairs that grow out of it that I pluck with tweezers. It... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Mole Removal for the Face?

I have a mole in the center of my nose. I've had it since I was very young. I want to have it removed, but I'm worried about the cost. Could... READ MORE

Removal Options for Raised Mole?

I have a raised mole on the right side of my face. I don't know if the mole is malignant, but I really want it removed for various reasons. I want to... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Black Moles on Face?

I Have Lot of Black Moles on my Face How Can I Get Rid of Them What Kind of Treatment is Best?  READ MORE

Shave the Mole or Remove It All by a Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

Hi, I have a mole that is located on my left cheek right above the mustache end. This mole is about to be removed by a plastic surgeon.I know I am... READ MORE

Options for Removing Flat, Brown Facial Moles?

I'm a 20-year-old woman and I have many flat brown-colored moles on my face. I want to get rid of them. What are my options for mole removal? READ MORE

Removal of facial moles, dermatologist vs plastic surgeon and costs to expect? (photo)

I was referred to a plastic surgeon by a dermatologist to remove 2 facial moles. The derm charged $100 for the office visit. I called local plastic... READ MORE

How Painful is Mole Removal by Electrocautery Without Any Anesthesia?

I'm considering having a mole removed near my eye using the electrocautery method. The doctor informed me that since the mole is close to my eye, he... READ MORE

Marilyn Monroe Mole Removal?

I have a large raised mole above my lip, and I wanted to know the best, and cheapest ways of going about getting it removed. I know a scar is almost... READ MORE

Using Laser Treatment, Can Flat Facial Moles Be Removed Without Leaving Any Scar on the Face? (photo)

I have got flat brown moles on my face . I really want to get them removed but I am concerned because they are on my face . I do not want any scar to... READ MORE

Mole Removal on Face?

I have had this mole for as long as I remember. Over the last 10 years (I'm 27 now) I have noticed that it has become raised. I would like to have it... READ MORE

Removal for Black Flat Moles?

I have flat black moles all over my face. I got these in last 6 or 7 years. I live in Midwest and originally from India with brown skin. Can Tri-Luma... READ MORE

Facial Mole Removal? This is the third time I have had this same mole treated over the past 10 years. (photo)

I had a facial mole shaved off of my left cheek 4 weeks ago. This is the third time I have had this same mole treated over the past 10 years. I do not... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for my Facial Scars to Fade After Mole Excision?

I had around 6 moles with stitches excised from my face. Its been around a week that the stitches were removerd. The doctor assured me that the scars... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Wear Makeup After a Facial Mole Removal? (photo)

I had a mole removed by a dermatologist for cosmetic reasons via shaving. Bottom left picture shows the area immediately after removal; I was... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Remove Pigmentation After Laser Mole Removal?

I had a number of moles removed 3 months ago from my face. These where raised moles and had some pale brown pigmentation in them. After Laser removal... READ MORE

Laser Removal of a Flat and Black Beauty Mark Can Leave a Scar? If So, How Can It Be Removed?

I have a flat, black and small beauty mark. It's in the right bottom side of my nose (just like Marilyn Monroe.) I don't like how it looks and i'm... READ MORE

Facial Mole Removal, Shave Method Healing Process?

I have a facial mole above my upper lip and have consulted a plastic surgeon about removing it. He suggested the shaving method, although I did want... READ MORE

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