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I Have a Mole Directly on my Eyelash Line of my Eyelid. Who Can Remove This Ugly Thing? (photo)

This mole appreared on my eyelid when I was about 10 years old. I am now 33 and it's annoyingly large. It's doesn't affect my vision,... READ MORE

Best Doctor for Mole Removal on the Eyelash Area?

I have a mole on my right upper eyelid. It lies in the eyelid right between the lashes. I have had it since I was a child, I am 26 now and it is... READ MORE

Small Mole on my Eyelid's Waterline. Can Be Removed Safely? (photo)

So i have this small mole on my lower waterline and it's flat. It's not bothering me or anything but i just want to know if i can remove it without... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove This Big Black Raised Mole? (photo)

I have a raised mole right at the corner of my eye. Is it possible to remove it ? READ MORE

Can my Flat Mole on the Eye Waterline Be Removed? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering whether or not this mole can be removed or not? It sits right at the edge of my eye bordering the waterline. I'm not sure whether... READ MORE

I Have a Mole That is on the Edge of my Eyelid. It is Raised About 0.5 Cm and is Almost 1 Cm Across?

I have a mole that is on the edge of my eyelid. It is raised about 0.5 cm and is almost 1 cm across. The ophthalmologist (ocuplastic surgeon) proposes... READ MORE

I had a non-cancerous mole removed from my eyelid/waterline 1.5 yrs ago. It grew back with a white spot. What should I do?

I have mole in the lower eyelid on the waterline, it was removed 1.5 years ago in 2012, I did biopsy before and after the surgery, it shows no... READ MORE

Epidermoid Cyst on upper eyelid's inner corner -12 year old kid. Avoid/wait or, better to get the surgery done at a younger age?

MRI scan done. Cyst is about 1.5 cm size, close to the inner corner of the upper right eyelid. It does not hurt but visible and growing slowly since... READ MORE

11 year old daughter has a mole under her eyelid

My daugher 11 years old has a mole growing under her eye lid it has of 3 different colors how do i remove and how safe is it READ MORE

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