Eyebrows + Mole Removal

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Eyebrow Mole Removal Concerns

Hi Dr. I'm about to turn 21 very soon and have made the decision to have my mole removed. I've had my mole since I was seven. It is located... READ MORE

Can a Raised Mole Be Removed from the Eyebrow Without Losing Hair?

Can a Raised Mole Be Removed from the Eyebrow Without Losing Hair? READ MORE

Cost of Removing a Mole Under the Eyebrow?

I have a mole (not sure what kind) below my eyebrows. It's really huge. I have insurance but not sure if it covers mole removal. How much would I have... READ MORE

New Bump on Eyebrow?

I have a small flesh colored slightly raised mole that has appeared slightly below one eyebrow. Is this something that I have shaven off? It really... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Eyebrows After Mole Removal

I have uneven eyebrows from a mole removal from my left brow it changed the shape of the eyebrows I feel as if my eyebrows are unsymettrical both from... READ MORE

Can I Do Something About Uneven Eyebrows After Mole Removal?

So i have had a mole removed from over my left eyebrow 5 years ago. and it changed the way my eyebrows looked it made it worse that before. I know... READ MORE

I have tried removing a mole above my eyebrow with apple cider vinegar and it did not work at all. What should I do?

I have been to see a doctor and he said they cannot remove it as i was not old enough. I am now 15, i cannot pay for a mole removal surgery or... READ MORE

Lightening Dark Moles to Prevent Scarring?

I'm 21 years old, considering removal of several flat moles on face. I have 3 light moles on my nose, 1 very dark near my lower lip & 1 near the... READ MORE

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