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How to Remove a Flat Mole on my Face? (photo)

I have two Flat Moles on my face that I like to remove or make less obvious. Is there procedure out there that can leave no scars? This is purley for... READ MORE

Can I Go to My Family Doctor For Facial Mole Removal?

Okay, I have this Mole on my face, And its not really big, It dosent poke out alot but it kinda does a little. But I want that Mole OFF. I am trying... READ MORE

Houston Mole Removal Doctor Recommendations

I have several moles I want to get rid of and since they are on my face, I don't want it deformed. Who’s the best doc in Houston that can do it? READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Mole Removal in Vancouver

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good surgeon in vancouver who has a good rep for removing face moles. READ MORE

Best Mole Removal Surgeon in San Francisco, CA?

Which plastic surgeon would be best for me to choose who is in San Francisco, CA? I am trying to have a mole removed from my face, it is not so large... READ MORE

San Jose Mole Removal Doctor Recommendations

I have a brown spot near my cheekbone underneath my eye. I have no idea what it is. I'm guessing that it's either a very dark freckle or a mole. I... READ MORE

Looking for a Mole Removal Specialist in Colorado Springs?

I'm 21 years old, considering removal of several flat moles on face. I have 3 light moles on my nose, 1 very dark near my lower lip & 1 near the... READ MORE

Help with Finding a Mole Removal Doctor in San Francisco?

Hi, I would like to remove a mole and I live in San Francisco, California. The problem is, I know nothing about plastic surgeons and I don't know how... READ MORE

Fusiform Mole Removal Doctor Referral?

Wanted to know if there are any dermatologist or surgeons in the Annapolis, Rockville, Maryland or Washington DC area that perform fusiform mole... READ MORE

Can Someone Recommend a Plastic Surgeon to Remove Moles off my Cheek in the Boulder/Denver, CO Area?

I have four moles on my cheek that I wish to have removed. I am looking for a highly skilled board certified plastic surgeon who will be able to... READ MORE

Cysts on the scalp. Cost is roughly $250-350. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in Dallas, TX to deal with it?

I do have exactly the same issue and want it to be removed. With the references above in mind specifically about the price range as I intend to pay... READ MORE

Dermatologic Surgeon in San Francisco?

I need to get several raised, flesh colored, waxy moles on my face removed. I'd like to speak to a Dermatologist, who has a specialty in, or... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove flat layered black moles from the face? (photos)

I have flat layered moles on my face specifically on my right cheek. They made me looking ugly i,m not feeling comfort with those moles on my face..... READ MORE

Is there a safe way to remove moles permanently from face? (photos)

I have so many moles on my face and keep getting more.Is there a doctor who can remove them permanently ? READ MORE

I cannot find any clinics in the UK which remove moles for under 18s. Could you recommend any?

My parents have given consent for my mole to be removed but i cannot seem to find a clinic that will do under 18s in london READ MORE

Should I look for Plastic surgeon who has a particular patient review profile?

Hi, I have a 1/4" dome shaped mole on my cheek I'd like removed . I am a little hesitant because the doctor with the best reviews does mostly breast... READ MORE

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