Dark Spots + Mole Removal

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Does a Suddenly Raised Mole Always Indicate Melanoma?

Based on your experience throughout the years does a suddenly raised mole always indicate melanoma? Has that been the case with all your patients? I... READ MORE

Black Dot Appeared After Mole Removal

About a month ago a dermatologist removed a colorless raised mole from my back, with a scalpel, when I requested. The mole was benign. Now a flat... READ MORE

Black/dark Brown Spot in Mole Biopsy Wound?

I had a biopsy of a mole taken earlier this week and now there is a black/dark brown spot in the wound. Could this be because the doctor didn't... READ MORE

Negative Effects of Skin Tag Removal?

I went to a spa in February to have myskin tags/moles removed and my face has not healed yet. I have dark brown spots all around my temple and eyes. I... READ MORE

Brown Spot After Mole Removal. Will it Fade? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old Asian male. I had a raised mole (0.4cm in size) near my eye removed (cauterize method) by a cosmetic surgeon about a month ago.... READ MORE

Shaved mole grew back in just 2 month ???

2 month ago I had an dark brown spot removed with the shave procedure from my low back. The result of biopsy cone back benign ! Now the spot come back... READ MORE

How to get rid of Dark spot after mole removal? (photo)

I had a raised mole on my forehead, and I removed that with apple cider vinegar application. it worked! After the scab fell down there was pale and... READ MORE

Dark spot after shave biopsy? Could remnants be left behind. Does this affect staging? (photo)

I got a mole removed 2 days ago cause it looked odd, When he looked under a dermascope, there are no signs of blue halo, pigment regression and cell... READ MORE

I want remove a mole and black spot around the mole. What is the best procedure? Should it be without any side effect? (Photo)

I have black mole on my left chick at center and it contains hair. In addition there has been dark spot around it.some times i feel itchiness on black... READ MORE

Black spots under mole biopsy. (Photo)

I am forty now and have had the mole for as long as I can remember. I know at least 10'to 15 years. Can melanoma hang around that long? I.am kind of... READ MORE

Post op Mole Removal, a scar/wound got stretched and turned dark. Will it fade after a while?

I had stitches from a mole removal removed near my lip yesterday. The problem was that the day after, I was eating and I guess I opened my mouth too... READ MORE

Regrading to remove dark spots after removing the moles

I had moles over my face. my doctor remove it by lazier machine. but that black brown colored spots remain on my face its look so bad. i having fair... READ MORE

Raised mole removed 3 months ago and now noticing a dark spot. Sun exposure recently for less then a week.

I had 2 moles removed 3 months ago. They both were through an incision with a scar rather then it being "shaved off". I was recently exposed to the... READ MORE

1 month post op, I have small cluster of veins after mole removal. Is this normal?

I had a mole removed through laser around a month ago. I have received 3 treatments so far, but after each one, there is still a dark spot left over... READ MORE

Biopsy mole came back precancerous,4, is it safe for me to wait 6 months to have a full skin exam?

Byopsy came back as level 4 ;concerned that during the first and the second visit Dr never looked at any other moles or even took a quick look at my... READ MORE

I had laser mole removal two days ago, but some black spots are still there. What should I do to help it heal?

So far I've put Vaseline on it, covered it up, and stayed out of the sunlight,but so far it hasnt healed yet or scabbed yet. What can I do so that it... READ MORE

Radio wave mole removal, black spot remains?

Black spot remained after radio wave mole removal..it looks like the mole itself.. is that normal ? and how long does it take to disappear ? READ MORE

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