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I Have Hundreds Upon Hundreds of Moles. I Want Them Gone!

I have hundreds upon hundres of moles on my arms, legs, back, and chest. My derm won't remove them as they are benign and insurance won't... READ MORE

How to Remove Flat, Medium Brown Mole on Chest?

I have a mole centered on my chest. It is flat and medium brown in color. What are my Mole removal options? Will products such as Dematend or Wart... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Mole from Your Chest Without Scarring?

It is bigger than a pencil eraser and is 2 different colors also appears to be scaly and is in the shape of a hexagon with a deffinite borderline READ MORE

What is the Best Technique for Flat Brown Mole Removal on the Breast Region? (photo)

Hi, my name is Nicole and I have always been self conscious about my mole. Especially since it is on my chest/breast. I would like to have the least... READ MORE

What is the Chance I Will Get a Keloid Scar from a Small Mole Removal on my Upper Chest?(photo)

What is the Chance I Will Get a Keloid Scar from a Small Mole Removal on my Upper Chest? READ MORE

Shave Biopsy?

Yesterday I had 3 moles removed by shave biopsy - 2 on my back, one on my chest. Is there anything I can do to help minimise the scar? Do you... READ MORE

Do I Need to Get my Mole Removed off of my Chest?

I have a lot of moles, but I have a huge mole on my chest and it above the skin its pink and I've had it for like 13 years and I want to know if... READ MORE

Will Local Anesthesia to Remove a Mole On My Chest Puncture my Breast Implant?

I have mole on the inner breast cleavage area and need to have it removed. Is there any chance they will puncture or pop my breast implant by using a... READ MORE

How Much Scarring Should Should I Expect After Having my Moles Removed?

Hi. I am 22 years old, and all my life I have been told I am an attractive person, except for the moles all over my chest. I have had several removed... READ MORE

I Have Non-hairy Beckers Nevus on my Chest Portion. How Can I Remove It Completely?

It is on my chest portion.its heigth is 7 inch. i Have Already Taken Q-switch Leser. READ MORE

Does this mole that appeared suddenly on my chest look dangerous? (photo)

This mole appeared literally overnight on my chest after some slight sun exposure. It is raised, pinkish brown, and about the size of my pinky... READ MORE

Will my scar every become white? Rr is the healing process done? (photos)

After i did a mole removal(chest) i got a raised hyperthrophic scar, after 1 year i did a injection in it so it became flat, now its flat for 3... READ MORE

Will removing a mole on my chest produce a keloid scar?

I'm a 19yr old girl who has two rather large raised moles on my chest that I have had since I was young. I want to get them removed (via a shave... READ MORE

Removal of DPV on Skin of Colour. I Have Them All over Chest and Back?

I have DPV all over my chest from each preganancy. They cover the area under my bra. They are flat and dark and are starting to feel rough to the... READ MORE

If I Have the Moles Looked at by a Dermatologist Who Declares They Are Benign is It Safe to Have Laser Mole Removal?

These moles are raised and on my chest. The doctor said they would be removed in layers in separate sessions to leave the least amount of scarring. READ MORE

I have a mole on my chest. It is an "eraser" in size. What are the best ways to remove it? (photo)

My doctor recommend me to remove it as i have removed a large mole near my back waist (bigger than this) but no keloid was formed. Instead, the area... READ MORE

How to reduce raised scar after mole removal? (Photo)

I had two moles removed from my chest via shave excision in September (2/3months ago) The wound started flat bit as it healed started to rise. Now... READ MORE

Will removing a flat mole on my chest leave a terrible scar? (photos)

I have this relatively flat mole on my chest. I have visited two different dermatologists, and both have stated it is a normal mole. Apart from... READ MORE

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