Cauterize + Mole Removal

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Are my Mole Excision/cauterization Scars Healing Properly? (photo)

I have two moles on my face removed a week ago, and they aren't looking great. The doctor was very unprofessional. For aftercare, all he told me was... READ MORE

How Likely Is An Indented Scar After Biopsy Of Sabaceous Hyperplasia?

I have a small, pin-had sized sabaceous hyperplasia on the tip of my nose. I have been advised that a shave biopsy can be performed to remove the lump... READ MORE

I Have Just Had a Mole Removed 2 Days Ago by Scraping and Cauterization?

It is still bleeding how often should i be changing dressing and how long before it scabs over READ MORE

Is it good technique to shave a mole, then cauterise the base? I have spoken with a local dermatologist who's suggested this.

Here is specifically what he has said: "After shaving off the mole, I would cauterise the base, so you would be left with a crust which would be there... READ MORE

Mole removal via cauterization of 3 small flesh toned moles has left me w/ 3 discolor divot/craters scar. Any suggestion?(photo)

I previously had shave excision on 3 moles on my nose with good results. As advised, 2 of them did return in slight raises and I also developed a tiny... READ MORE

Is normal for a cauterized mole to have a scab on it?

I had three moles shaved off three days ago. I have been treating all three based on my instructions to clean with mild soap and water twice daily and... READ MORE

Mole removed and skin cauterized afterward. When will the spot heal?

Had a mole scalpeled out and they cauterized the skin to seal the skin after. When can I expect the spot to heal? The pink color to fade to more of a... READ MORE

mole cauterization. is there still a chance to a mole grow back since they cauterize it and not excision?

Hi! just had my mole removed using a cauterization by a cosmetic surgeon. my mole is black color and it's like 4mm in size, small but raise one on my... READ MORE

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