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Went to my dermatologist and had a mole frozen. Why does it look bigger?

It didn't look cancerous at all according to the PA that was doing the body scan, I requested the mole to be taken off. and she froze it. It's been... READ MORE

Can a mole grow back different?

So I got my mole removed recently like 2 moths ago but it grew back different. The mole grew back a bit bigger and there are smaller moles around it... READ MORE

Can my raised mole on the tip of my nose be removed with out scarring? (photos)

I've had this mole on the tip of my nose since I was born . I've always been really self conscious about it ,but now more than ever. I've noticed A... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have a Huge Scar From My Beauty Mark Removal? (photo)

Hello. This thread is a follow up from my previous one: http://www.realself... READ MORE

I have had a mole on eyebrow removed twice and it grew back. How can I treat permanently? (photos)

I have a mole on my eyebrow , i have them removed twice when i was 11 and 12 , but it kept growing back and growing bigger. should i be concern it... READ MORE

Mole growing larger on eyelid. Is there a way to get it removed? (photos)

In the past year I have been noticing the mole on my eyelid which developed when I was about 10 years of age has grown in size in the past year and I... READ MORE

Will removing a mole on my chest produce a keloid scar?

I'm a 19yr old girl who has two rather large raised moles on my chest that I have had since I was young. I want to get them removed (via a shave... READ MORE

I want to remove a mole on my lip. Since its on my lip would it be costly going to the doctor or would creams be best? (photo)

The mole on my lip in this picture is puffed up every now and then something underneath zit i dont know but its very uncomfortable. I never liked the... READ MORE

Can my Mole on the Eye Waterline Be Removed?

I have bigger mole nearby the corner of the left eye, and I just noticed there are a few new small moles around it, Can it be removed without... READ MORE

I have a raised mole on the apple of my cheek. What procedure do you recommend? (photos)

Hi, I have a raised mole on the apple of my cheek. It keeps getting bigger and bigger in time. I really want to get it removed, with the best possible... READ MORE

Can Melanoma look like basal cell? (photos)

I have a pink 1/4 size mole looking thing for about 6 months inches and oozes. Went to dermatologist and she was concerned and did a shave bio .She... READ MORE

I have a mole on my stomach that has seemed to change due to pregnancy. Should I be concerned? (photo)

I have a mole on my stomach that has seemed to change due to pregnancy. It got a little bigger and darker and feels partly raised. Also part of the... READ MORE

What would be the best way of getting rid of this mole? (Photo)

This mole turned up on my lip last year and it has gotten bigger, at times it gets puffy and is real painful. Since the location is near and on my lip... READ MORE

Remove mole on face (photo)

I had this mole since I was little and it kinda gets bigger and bigger slowly and I asked some people and they told me not to move it because it was... READ MORE

Is this a mole? If it is, should I have it removed? (Photo)

I've had this forever but the last year when I push on it there's alittle bit of pain underneath it. It's skin color and dry/flakey. You can see it in... READ MORE

My husband has a mole on his back that is changing color and getting larger. Any suggestions? (photos)

He has had the mole for several years. It started out as a flat, clear, rough spot. About 6 months ago, it started turning more pink. It has gotten a... READ MORE

Is this Nodular Melanoma ? (photos)

Hello, I'm from germany and i'm really afraid at the moment. I have a black/brown mole between stomach and breast, which i havent had 2 years ago. 40... READ MORE

Spots, patches or moles on my mother's face. Is there a cream for it that you recommend? Or is it a health issue?

It's been 3 years now that these patches/ moles or spots on my 62 year old mother's face -- they are getting bigger as time passes. She never had them... READ MORE

Best method to remove a lot of moles on my face?

Hello! So basically, I'm a teen (15). I think I'm losing my self confidence. Reason is because I have a lot of moles on my face. They are not too big,... READ MORE

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