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Will a Melanoma Grow Back from Shave Biopsy?

If a shave biopsy on a mole was done, and it happened to be melanoma but was misdiagnosed as benign, would the melanoma grow back in the biopsy site? READ MORE

Post Shaven Mole Biosopy: Healing Edges of the Site Are Brown - Should I be Concerned?

Recent shave mole biosopy.. with the healing the edges of the site are brown? not the middele, and the pathology test came back saying it was a... READ MORE

Light Coloured Hard Facial Mole Just Under my Eye? (photo)

I have a light coloured hard facial mole just under my eye, it is benign(I have seen a dermatoligist who confirms this and says a surgical excision... READ MORE

Biopsy Results On Mole Say "Benign Appearing"?

My biopsy results say I have a "benign appearing" lesion and final diagnosis is a compound nevi. Why does it say "appearing" READ MORE

Is Laser Mole Removal Safe After Biopsy Has Shown It to Be Benign?

Is it possible for a mole to become malignant years after the biopsy has shown it to be benign? Is it safe to remove it after biopsy has confirmed it... READ MORE

Does dermatend really work on moles?

I was wondering if there would be any side effects like causing the mole to go from benign to magligent. And does it really cause no scar?? READ MORE

If I Have the Moles Looked at by a Dermatologist Who Declares They Are Benign is It Safe to Have Laser Mole Removal?

These moles are raised and on my chest. The doctor said they would be removed in layers in separate sessions to leave the least amount of scarring. READ MORE

Gooey substance after mole removal, large benign mole 'debulked' by my plastic surgeon 11 days ago. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a large benign mole 'debulked' by my plastic surgeon 11 days ago. He excised 70% of the mole & pulled the skin down to cover the area (mole was... READ MORE

Mole on neck: benign or melanoma?

Hi doctors; i must first admit i'm shaking from fear as i type! i've had a raised mole on my neck since i was 9 years old (i'm 21 now). When it first... READ MORE

I'm just wondering if this mole is benign? (Photo)

The mole has existed for some time. Today I noticed that it is larger. READ MORE

I have a pencil sized flat mole on my cheek that has not shown signs of being malignant. Could it be lasered to remove pigment?

My mole is a light brown and I want to remove the pigment in it for cosmetic reasons. I hate it being on my face and if there was an option that would... READ MORE

Should I worry about this navus? (Photo)

I had this compound mole in the thigh since nearly 4 years and exisional biopsy was done for me few days ago .. The histopathological result was a... READ MORE

Should I get a second opinion on a biopsy result? How much does it cost to resend biopsy to another pathologist for testing?

I got my results 3 days ago from my Derm (or rather his nurse) my mole was benign. I should be overjoyed but yet I'm still questioning it. I'm... READ MORE

I had a raised mole on my arm removed by a laser, is there anyway to test if it was benign?

I unfortunately did not realise that removing a mole by a laser was a bad idea, a few months ago I got this mole checked by a doctor who identified it... READ MORE

Does this look like a malignant or benign mole? (photo)

I am looking to see if it follows the abcds of skin cancer.Please help. It seems to be slightly irregular. It has been raised since I was a baby and I... READ MORE

After an atypical mole was surgically removed 5 months ago, I'm having complications. Mole was benign. Should I worry? (Photo)

Prior to removal, I had issues with ingrown hairs in and around the mole that appeared to resemble a pimple and were bothersome often painful and bled... READ MORE

Laser mole removal - If I get a currently benign mole (via visual eval by derm) laser removed can it disguise cancer later?

A benign mole can turn into cancer at any time right? So what if I get some moles laser removed that the dermatologist visually evaluated with no... READ MORE

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