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Recommended Post-op Care After Mole Removal?

I had a mole shaved on my face about a week ago. I have since been using hydrogen peroxide + neosporin + band aid on it but it hasn't yet formed a... READ MORE

Can a Mole Be Removed Without Leaving a Scar?

What can I expect in terms of scars after mole removal? Is it possible to do it with no scars whatsoever? READ MORE

Scars to Expect from Mole Removal?

I am getting about 10 moles removed from my face. I have made an appointment with a general surgeon and am very anxious about scarring. I am not sure... READ MORE

Some Pigment Left Behind After Mole Biopsy

I had a mole biopsied 4 years ago. The results came back that it was benign. It was a sort of shave biopsy on a flat mole and there is a little bit of... READ MORE

How Long Should Facial Stitches Be Left In?

I just had a mole excised by a plastic surgeon today, and the nurse scheduled the appointment for the stitches to be removed in 12 days. Is 12 days... READ MORE

Cancer After Superficial Mole Removal?

I had a non-cancerous mole removed by laser. The mole was quite deep so not all of the mole was removed. What happens if the little bit of mole left... READ MORE

What is Healing Time for Mole Removal Scars & Holes?

I had a mole removed on my cheek by a shave removal 12 weeks ago which left me with a round hole the size of a pencil eraser that has filled in some.... READ MORE

Mole Removed, Now 2 Months Later Small Portion Grown Back?

29 yo. Annoying mole 3 inches down from my arm pit approx 1-2mm. It sat exactly at my bra strap so it was irritated. Dr. Shaved it off two months ago,... READ MORE

What Are The Best Aftercare Practices Post Mole Removal?

I have just had quite a few moles removed from my back and trunk (maybe about 25?. They were seen by a dermatologist who felt there was nothing to... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation Remaining After Mole Removal, WIll It Lighten?

I've had a mole removed only two days ago, and aside from parts of it that are slightly scabby there is dark pigmentation left over in the shape... READ MORE

Mole Recurrence

If a mole is removed by shaving it off, can it recur to look worse than the original mole was (e.g. more patchy or more raised)? or would the... READ MORE

How Long Will my Scar Be Red/purple and Itchy For After Mole Removal?

I had two moles removed off of my head in early December. One on the back of my head and one on my right sideburn. Both were benign, but the scars are... READ MORE

Black Dot Appeared After Mole Removal

About a month ago a dermatologist removed a colorless raised mole from my back, with a scalpel, when I requested. The mole was benign. Now a flat... READ MORE

Mole Removal - Can I Get Radio Surgery?

I am wondering why it seems that plastic surgeons do not use the method of radio surgery for mole removal? Or maybe some do? I understand there is... READ MORE

Dark Spot in the Middle of my Mole Biopsy Site

I had a shave biopsy to my lower back 4 days ago! Ever since then I have had a dark brown spot in the middle of my biopsy site! What does this mean? READ MORE

Will a Melanoma Grow Back from Shave Biopsy?

If a shave biopsy on a mole was done, and it happened to be melanoma but was misdiagnosed as benign, would the melanoma grow back in the biopsy site? READ MORE

What Should I Do After I Cut a Mole Off?

I cut a mole off of my forarm and need some advice. It was just a little bigger than a marble. It was skin colored and did not have a very big base to... READ MORE

How to Fade a Red Mark After Mole Removal?

I removed a mole by myself by using an apple cider vinegar method. To cut the long story short, this method made the mole go away by just burning the... READ MORE

Why Do my Moles Keep Reccuring?

I have had 5 moles removed over the past 5 years because I thought they were changing. They all came back benign. However, 4 out of the 5 moles have... READ MORE

Are my Mole Excision/cauterization Scars Healing Properly? (photo)

I have two moles on my face removed a week ago, and they aren't looking great. The doctor was very unprofessional. For aftercare, all he told me was... READ MORE

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