2 Days Post-op + Mole Removal

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What Should Normal Tissue Below Skin Surface Look Like After Mole Removal?

I had an elevated mole removed 2 days ago. It was changing and had a black scaly ring around it which was about halfway up the "pole" of the mole.... READ MORE

Puffiness at Ends of Incision. Are They Dog Ears? Will They Flatten? (photo)

I went in for a mole removal two days ago with a facial plastic surgeon. It was excised in an elliptical shape. The first few hours the excision... READ MORE

Dark spot after shave biopsy? Could remnants be left behind. Does this affect staging? (photo)

I got a mole removed 2 days ago cause it looked odd, When he looked under a dermascope, there are no signs of blue halo, pigment regression and cell... READ MORE

I Have Just Had a Mole Removed 2 Days Ago by Scraping and Cauterization?

It is still bleeding how often should i be changing dressing and how long before it scabs over READ MORE

How Long Does Local Anesthesia Swelling Last for Radiosurgery Mole Removal?

How long does local anesthesia swelling last for radiosurgery mole removal? It's been 48 hours and the swelling is still here. READ MORE

How many days should you wait to remove the stitches, after getting a facial mole removed via punch method?

Hello, I had a small but raised facial mole removed on my face (near the corner of my lip) 2 days ago. The dermatologist removed it via punch method.... READ MORE

I had a small mole removed from my back. The doc sent it in for a biopsy. It's still painful. Should I see the doc again?

After 2 days the area has been painful, i have been using betadine pads and covering it with a band aid, since then the pain has lessened but it's... READ MORE

New moles on different location after mole removal. Is it coincidence or does mole removal cause more moles?

I got 2 deep moles on my right thigh excised on Tuesday and 2 days later I noticed 2 new light moles on my left hand. Can it be a coincidence? Since... READ MORE

I had a dark mole removed from my stomach two days ago causing extreme pain.

I had a dark mole removed from my stomach two days ago. A local anesthetic was used, but only a minute or two later I was in extreme pain, which felt... READ MORE

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