Skin Graft + Mohs Surgery

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Does is look like my skin graft took? (photos)

I had Mohs surgery for a BCC on the side of my nose exactly three weeks ago today. Immediately after the Mohs, I had a skin graft. I am concerned that... READ MORE

Nose graft, should it scab? (photo)

I am two weeks post op after a skin graft on my nose following surgical excision of a bcc. The graft is starting to scab and I'm wondering if this is... READ MORE

I had MOHS laser to remove extensive basal cell carcinoma on my nose, and then a "flap" surgery to cover the damage? (photo)

Had MOHS laser on nose; flap surgery to repair; have big scars and large lump where flap attached; nose is pulled to one side; left nostril much... READ MORE

After Having the Mohs Surgery on my Nose the Skin Did Not Take, What Are my Options to Repair the Hole in my Nose? (photo)

I had the surgery 3 weeks ago and the skin graft is not taking. What will happen to the skin graft and what can I have done to repair my nose? What... READ MORE

I feel like my skin graft isn't healing properly? (photo)

4 months ago I had a sebaceous nevus under my eye, that had turned into skin cancer. I had mohs surgery followed by a skin graft on my face. It's been... READ MORE

Had mohs surgery, then skin graft 4 days ago?

Wondering after stitches are out this coming Wednesday and I'm sure it will be awhile yet, but how soon could I start wearing make up to cover up this... READ MORE

My skin graft changed appearance overnight. Is this normal? (photos)

I had Mohs surgery and a skin graft for a BCC on my nose 16 days ago. Until this morning my graft looked mottled purple. Today I woke up and found... READ MORE

I had squamous cell carcinoma on my head and had to have it removed. Can the hole increase or spread as I get older? (photo)

Why was there not a mess netting placed to cover the large hole in my head and will or can the hole increase or spread as I get older (I am 52 now) my... READ MORE

Skin graft on nose bridge after MOHS. I have received 2 conflicting opinions. Which will give me the best result?

I have a BCC about a 1/4 inch in diameter on the bridge of my nose. The first doctor recommended taking graft from the forehead and to perform the... READ MORE

Two years ago I had MOHs surgery followed by a skin graft on my face. Aesthetically, I'm very unhappy with the graft (Photo)

My skin graft has remained red and Im unhappy with how it looks on my face. I was reading an article about someone who had MOHs surgery in a similar... READ MORE

Skin tension after Mohs surgery? Straight line closure, no skin graft. (Photo)

I had Mohs done 16 days ago, I had bcc in the corner between my eye and bridge of nose the wound ended up about the size of a cigarette butt. The... READ MORE

When should I have a skin graft after basal cell removal from my nose?

I had a basal cell removed on a Thursday by a dermatologist. The dermatologist referred me to a plastic surgeon. The following Monday, I went to the... READ MORE

Pimple type of blot on skin grafted?

I got skin graphting surgery done due to accident. Now there is pimple sort of blot on the graphted area (after a month of surgery). What is it? What... READ MORE

Can skin grafts with complications still eventually turn out OK, or do they usually need more surgery?

I had Moh's surgery on the tip of my nose a week and a half ago. I had a skin graft (full-graft) done last Friday and I don't think it went so well.... READ MORE

Why has a lump formed in my nostril under skin graft on my nose?

Had MOHs surgery and a skin graft to repair 3 days ago. Lump in nostril today. Not sore or red. READ MORE

Is my skin graft looking okay ? Will my colour return or will it go more dark? (Photo)

Hi I wanted to know if the graft I have had in my upper neck part looks like it should as after the operation the skin tone was less but now seems to... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Doctor for Skin Graft?

I have a scar thats verry brown on my skin I would like to just get rid of the tissue Thats damaged by getting a procedure where they cut it off and... READ MORE

How to tell if skin graft is healing well?

I had Mohs on my right nostril on 10/10. Post-op visit, surgeon said everything looked good and to clean/coat with Aquaphor/re-bandage every day. This... READ MORE

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