Melanoma + Mohs Surgery

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Wound Care After Mohs Surgery Repair?

I have read pros and cons regarding the proper care for a granulating wound on the upper forehead. A forehead flap procedure covered the large defect... READ MORE

I Had a Melanoma in Situ on my Face Removed. Can Mohs Be Used?

Tests showed a small margin of abnormal tissue but it is very close to the eye. Can the Mohs procedure be used to remove the abnormal tissue left behind? READ MORE

The Center of Full Thickness Skin Graft Had Sloughed Off, but Margins Are Holding. Infection?

Following a Mohs procedure to remove a.4 mm melanoma, I received a full thickness skin graft. About one week after my stitches were removed, I was... READ MORE

Can I Swim in a Public Pool or Go into a Hot Tub After Mohs Surgery? (photo)

The mohs site (about a quarter sized on my right ankle for melanoma) was not closed and it has been two weeks since the surgery. I know pools can be... READ MORE

Facial Surgery: Nov. 6 Following Melanoma Removal. Strong Odor? Cause?

I had facial surgery called a Flap? on Nov. 6 following removal of a large melanoma near my nose. Size of a large tablespoon. Now I am experiencing a... READ MORE

I Just Learned That I Have 2c Melanoma, How Soon Should I Have Surgery?

My doctor said it will be within 4 weeks, is that too long to wait? READ MORE

Please, Wait Time Between Diagnosis of Melanoma and Surgury?

Clipping on 11th of month diagnosis of melanoma on head hairline fingernail size, Mohs surgery scheduled 4th of following month. Too long? READ MORE

How quickly and by what process should this Lentigo melanoma be removed? (photos)

It was a few millimeters in measure flat light brown spot 8 years ago. My recent pathology report read severely atypical junctional melanocytic... READ MORE

If borders are clear by less than one millimeter, is it necessary to go back get wider border?

My question is. If borders are clear by less than one millimeter, is it necessary to go back get wider border or as long as it was clear even by small... READ MORE

Which is better, stitches or dermabond?

I had melanoma removed from left hip to butt which is better for healing time and scarring READ MORE

Slow Mohs procedure on toe with melanoma in situ?

I was recently diagnosed with superficial spreading melanoma in situ on my third toe. My dermatologist would like to perform "slow mohs" to remove the... READ MORE

Healing by Linear Sutures or Secondary Intention?

I will undergo Mohs for a melanoma (Type 0.38) on 2/19/2015. The surgeon has given me two options: a linear sutured closure or healing by secondary... READ MORE

I had ocular melanoma removed. Scar tissue has been the problem not that cancer is gone. What can be done?

My doctor used a ambeotic ring after surgery but it didn't workout. Scar tissue forms so eye doesn't move freely or open all the way.. My eye is... READ MORE

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