Biopsy + Mohs Surgery

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Do You Have to Have a Biopsy Before Mohs Surgery?

Must a biopsy be done prior to a mohs surgery or is the mohs procedure ever done for both? I do not have insurance and am thinking that doing a Mohs... READ MORE

Is Sentinel Node Biopsy Needed for Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

My dad had 6mm by 6mm lesion on forehead two months ago. It was diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma (biopsy was done; pathology report said it was... READ MORE

Removing Multiple Lesions Besides the One Biopsied?

Will a Mohs surgeon usually remove other lesions besides the one biopsied prior to the surgery appointment if it is obvious to him with a high degree... READ MORE

I Am Told to Wait 8 Weeks After Biopsy for Squamous Removal from my Lower Leg. Is This Really Wise?

I learned today it is squamous cell on my lower leg close to my shin and to wait until the first wound heals 7-8 weeks before surgery to cut out the... READ MORE

Can Mohs Surgery Be Done Immediately After a Frozen Biopsy on a Tiny Bump Under Lip if BCC is Diagnosed?

I have frequent tiny BCCs. I am confused about the difference between a standard biopsy and a Mohs biopsy. I want to have all done at one time: a... READ MORE

Do I Need MOHS Sugery?

One month ago had basal cell on cheek but close to nose removed, leaving maybe 8-10mm now healing scar, the tumor was maybe 4 mm. They cut it out and... READ MORE

Is It Too Early to Get MOHS Surgery?

I have two very small (size of a pinhead) squamous cell carcinomas on my face. The biopsy report was conclusive for both areas but the details noted... READ MORE

Using Frozen Sections for Primary Diagnosis of Skin Lesions?

I know many dermatologists are reading their own biopsies after sending the specimen off to a lab for processing and getting returned slides. What... READ MORE

Need to Wait for Mohs on my Ear for Another Month, is That Wise?

Found a little sore on my ear about 3 weeks ago and saw the Derm last week. A biopsy revealed basal cell. It is located at the front, upper part of my... READ MORE

I had a biopsy in which the doctor completely removed what looked like a red pimple on my upper forehead.

The biopsy was positive BCC, The area has completely healed over without a trace. So I canceled my surgery. I am assuming that the cancer was only in... READ MORE

Is it common to have Moh's surgery scheduled without ever meeting or talking with the surgeon?

The site is located very close to the eye, right below the eye-lashes. What can I expect during and after the surgery? The mole from which the biopsy... READ MORE

Is it unusual to have Mohs surgery for a trichilemmoma? I could not find reference to this on Medscape.

I had a trichilemmoma removed from my upper lip with a shave biopsy. At present, the trichilemmoma is just barely visible/palpable and would not be... READ MORE

When should a flakey area be biopsies and when not?

When I go to the dermatologist, he frequently asks me if I want him to freeze an area, use 5 FU, or do a biopsy. The last time, I was tired to... READ MORE

How can you be sure that a squamous cell skin cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes? (photos)

Just had a squamous skin cancer lesion removed from my neck. The surgery was preformed by a PA after cancer was found in the shave biopsy (also... READ MORE

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