1 Month Post-op + Mohs Surgery

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My Scalp is Still Numb 4 Weeks After Mohs Surgery is This Normal?

I had Mohs surgery 4 weeks ago and flap closure. My scalp is still very numb and I have scabs on my scars. how long will it take for things to improve READ MORE

5 Wks After MOHs Surgery, Severe Swelling/Clogged?

My friend had MOHs surgery about 5 weeks ago on the side of his nose. He now has severe swelling inside that nostral to the point that he says... READ MORE

Repair of Previous Mohs Procedure?

I had a Mohs procedure on the tip of my nose to remove a basel cell on June 26th. The wound was about a centimeter. On the same day a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

How can I reduce subQ scar tissue after MOHS reconstruction?

I had MOHS 4 weeks ago with flap repair. Stitches ran around the ala, under nose near the center, down to lip, along the lip line and out 1 inch. At 2... READ MORE

I had MOHs surgery on 7/3/14 for BCC on my nose and a skin flap was used to close the wound. What are you opinion? (photo)

I am very concerned about asymmetry of my nose as well as the fact that the alar opening on the operated side is now about 50% closed and the nostril... READ MORE

Why am i having pain?

I had mohs under eye 5 weeks ago. I am experiencing pain when I walk in the cold temperature. Is this normal and if so why does it hurt? READ MORE

I had mohs surgery on my nose 5 weeks ago?

I have a couple of large pores. Is there anything that can be done to minimize them? I had one blackhead start to form and had to scrub to get it out.... READ MORE

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