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Does miraDry Hurt?

I read an article where the guy who had Miradry done said it was quite uncomfortable. Is this normal? READ MORE

What is Involved in the Treatment Process for Miradry?

Is Miradry to remove armpit odor and sweating similar to getting laser hair removal treatment? Do you need to visit the office several times? Thank... READ MORE

I Am 13 and Am Going to Have Miradry Procedure?

I'm 13 years old and have been sweating profusely since I was 5. I saw a dermatologist and plan on having the miradry procedure sometime soon (next 3... READ MORE

Miradry and Tricep Pain?

I had miradry done about a month and a half ago and 4 days ago I woke up with pain in my right tricep. It's tender to the touch and when I bend my arm... READ MORE

Should I be having nerve pain, tingling, and numbness 3 months after first miradry procedure?

I had my first Miradry procedure done 14 weeks ago and my left arm still has numbness on the inside from the top of the armpit to almost the elbow. It... READ MORE

MiraDry - should I get 2nd treatment after experiencing severe pain and nerve damage the first time?

I had my first MiraDry procedure at a Level 2 just over two months ago. During the procedure there was one point of intense pain after which I my left... READ MORE

Am I experiencing Nerve Pain/Damage a side effect of the Miradry Procedure?

I had the second treatment of Miradry at level 5 two months ago, and since that time I have experiencing pain in my right arm radiating (sometime... READ MORE

1 week post op Miradry, is it normal? (photos)

How long time the swelling remans? I had my first procedure last week. Now, I'm not sweating, but there is swelling like a cushions and a little pain... READ MORE

Is the nurse performing my treatment doing it wrong by "pressing" the machine into my body?

From what I've read online, the miraDry system "sucks" the skin in partly to lift it away from underlying structures. My nurse, however, "leans in"... READ MORE

Nerve damage? Pain in triceps area. Wait with second procedure?

Its been 6 weeks since first procedure on level 5. 3 days ago I experienced pain from triceps area. They hit a nerve in my left axilla during the... READ MORE

I still have pretty severe pain in both arm pits. Is this normal? Will it go away?

I had the MiraDry treatment five weeks ago. I still have lumps in my armpits and both armpits are tender and painful. I cannot wear certain bras... READ MORE

Breast sudden sharp pain after miraDry? It has been 2 weeks since the first miraDry treatment was done (level 5)

So far recovering has been very good, swelling is going down, mild pain, small bumps etc. However, about two days ago I started experiencing short... READ MORE

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